PS3 Owners: Will you buy New Xbox 360 Slim?

After Microsoft’s eventful E3 keynote speech, many PS3 owners are probably wondering whether or not to buy the new Xbox 360 Slim. How many of you are prepared to give the new console a run out?

Sony’s E3 press conference is not until Tuesday and they probably have some surprises of their own in store. Today though is all about Microsoft and all the talk will surely be about the new console and the possibilities it offers for gaming.

Personally speaking, I’ve mentioned before that i’ll be picking up Kinect since I’m very interested in the video chat capabilities – the games will obviously be pretty nice too I’m guessing. The addition of built-in WiFi and Wireless N is also a big attraction, not to mention voice-controlled Zune features.

How many PS3 owners are willing to turn the corner and switch to the new Xbox 360 Slim? We have created a poll below for you to have your say on this.

[poll id=”178″]

UPDATE: Poll fixed, sorry about that!



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