PS3 Owners: Will you buy New Xbox 360 Slim?

By Alan Ng - Jun 14, 2010

After Microsoft’s eventful E3 keynote speech, many PS3 owners are probably wondering whether or not to buy the new Xbox 360 Slim. How many of you are prepared to give the new console a run out?

Sony’s E3 press conference is not until Tuesday and they probably have some surprises of their own in store. Today though is all about Microsoft and all the talk will surely be about the new console and the possibilities it offers for gaming.

Personally speaking, I’ve mentioned before that i’ll be picking up Kinect since I’m very interested in the video chat capabilities – the games will obviously be pretty nice too I’m guessing. The addition of built-in WiFi and Wireless N is also a big attraction, not to mention voice-controlled Zune features.

How many PS3 owners are willing to turn the corner and switch to the new Xbox 360 Slim? We have created a poll below for you to have your say on this.

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UPDATE: Poll fixed, sorry about that!

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  • Chase

    I seriously doubt it. I own a PS3 slim and am very happy with the line up of games. The only things on 360 I want is Halo and Live to play with my friends(most have 360's), but I dont feel like paying for online when it is free on PS3! If Halo would just come to PS3(which I doubt it will) I have no need for a 360.

  • Stevo

    The ps3 slim already has everything the new 360 has and is STILL better as it has blu ray and free online gaming. I personally think MS are wasting there time on their 3rd 360! I used to like 360’s until the new slim ps3 arrived and now I’d never look back! Sony certainly win for me, the new 360 looks ugly too with it’s old fashioned slide out DVD tray lol!! Give up Microsoft!!!!

  • daniel

    better graphics with 360!..and i can add a 250 HDD to a cheapo 360Arcade! 360 games are easier to develop, ps3 has unused tech that is always a year or two from utilization. So alot of people are saying "the new box is basically the old box in a new skin", they seem to forget that the only thing ps3 had over original 360 was storage space and free online! the Live benefits will trump Sony's free online anyday. Oh yeh PS3 can play my expensive Blue Ray discs not that I have more than 3. As an owner of both I ask myself now, why did I NEED that dumb blue-ray player in the first place. It's a battle over names & prices if you ask me..but not performance sorry ps3 im out!

    • Jack

      Joi nthe dark side of Xbox 360 Slim…. we haz cookies

  • Jon

    I think it would have been better to ask the question "Will current xbox 360 owners upgrade to the new slim version?".
    I own one of the earlier versions of the 360 and it RROD on me for the 5th time last month, I give up. Why should I pay MS MORE money to get something which is essentially the same? The hardware world is becoming like the software world where they release buggy software at first, and then fix issues with patches. Only in this case the user has to PAY MORE for the release as its hardware. An insult to say the least.

  • Well, it's the same console with a new slick body suit, that's all – just like the PS3 slim a year ago, but there the price dropped, too. It is great for new owners that it finally has a big 250GB harddrive out of the box, but it has got nothing that I don't have with my PS3, too. Beside better graphic for Red Dead, of course… Grrr!

  • Guest

    That is why I waited

  • John

    HA!! This is a question for retards!! U should be asking 3shitty owners if they will be geting a PS3!! If u have a PS3 WHY would u downgrade to something lower. Why would u leave Jessica Alba for Sarah Jessica Parker (she looks like a foot)? Only a retard would do such a thing!

  • DMGwild6d9er

    i have both and ps3 lags so bad,same game on xbox no lag whats the deal????

  • Ray

    Probably not. Still not worth $300 bucks. No Blue Ray. The PS3 is enough anyways. The Xbox has no exclusives that I'm interested in that I haven't played.

    Boring game line up eh?

  • rnr

    Im in, when do they go on sale!

  • Kris

    I'll wait a bit to see if the quality lives up to the hype. I was burned awhile back with the original Xbox 360 as mine became a giant box of useless a few weeks after my original purchase.

    Once I see that the device can handle hardcore gaming (something the original could not, what with all the failures) I'll consider it. I need to see more than Wii rip off titles, some of which seem to be in the multiples for the Kinect launch. Also, I hope to see something that actually makes me want to buy it as Halo and Gears have failed to impress this diehard shooter fan. Perhaps that new Crytek game?

    • John

      mate, if u dont like gears or galo (fuck those brainless games) NOTHING is going to make u want to buy ANY xbox regardless of which one u buy. And it would be a MASSIVE waste of money to buy the xbox for Crysis. Crytech have already stated that the PS3 version will look and run better on the PS3, higher specs = better quality games! Theres no point in getting an xbox, they dont have any exclusives besides gears and galo (the latter being over for them) so they are left with nothing. If you look at the PS3's exclusive line-up its fucking great, some top top games coming out. Im looking foward to 'Agent' from R* cannot WAIT for that game. GTAIV and RDR were far too short (both shorter than GTA:SA) and that is due to ONE fact. They had to develop those games for the 3shitty and their stupid DVD discs which couldn't even fit such short games like Drake and GOW!

    • Jack

      You say Xbox copies Wii?!?! Look at the Playsytation Move!!!! It's exactly the smae as Wii, except theres a light bulb on the end, Kinect is actually new

  • yingo

    What a dumb question! Why would anyone want to downgrade their PS3 to a 360 slim? There's no bluray, sod all exclusives, and there's the fear that as soon as you get a 360 there's a better model just around the corner waiting for your hard earned bucks. I'll carry on conference chatting with mates over skype and happy that Sony keeps the games coming. Hell I've got so many bleedin games to complete there's no time to waste on a lesser console like the 360. Give me KZ3 and move anyday.

  • enz1

    People,these are games.After a hard days work,you need to relax either its a ps3 slim or a new 360I dont see why there have to be any favouritism.Just my opinion.

    • John

      No one is talking about games (90% are on BOTH consoles, the better exclusives on the PS3 imo) we are talking about CONSOLES!!! And there would be plenty of favouritism seeing as they are not the same product. People are always going to choose what they prefer, based on quality, price, propaganda (stupid patriotism) or just plain general ignorance or stupidity!

  • xino

    of course man!

    I've listed my 60gb piece of trash XBAWKS on amazon now!

    i hate the 2005 xbox, plastic trash, not true next gen, RROD, makes loud noise.

    this new xbox is what i hoped the 360 should had been!

  • DevilDogA99

    No, why would u? The power thing is still outside it, it still has a high failer rate, no Blue-Ray player thus no movies, & it can’t reach the same quailty rate as PS3 can reach. Plus if Sony puts PS3 games on the PSN, adds voice MSG, & they support Move the console war is over

  • mike

    Ya, the video chat is interesting..wish that was on ps3…oh wait, it's been there since launch

  • J-J

    No thanx… Besides, the MS confrence sucked… i mean seriuosly, the only exclusives they have is Gears and Halo:reach… Sony games just as good and some better… Rather stick to PS3… besides I went through 2 360… I ain't wasting no more money for a unreliable company

  • No, redesigned hardware doesn’t magically make 360 have any games that really appeal to me. Gears is the only game exclusive to 360 I have any interest in, and I’m not going to pay $321 dollars not includine the game, to play it. On top of that I’d have to pay $50 a year to play online. Pass. If I can ever get one for free, I’ll take it. Otherwise I’m happy with my PS3.

  • Dan

    So they added wifi, big wow ps3 already does that and already has a slim, natal sounds horrific i cant see how id play any games i enjoy with it

  • Marty

    Not a chance………..

  • Singa

    Why would a new model intice me to upgrade? It still uses DVD9, it still has subscription to play online, It doesnt have enough exclusives (reach and gears are the only interesting ones). Failure rate is probably fixed, but it still uses propiretry HDD.

    anyway I have got way too many games to play as it is.

  • Claudia

    Why would I want another console? I don't even have time to play my games at all. Microsoft didn't even have a lot of great exclusive games shown in their conference. All they can do is just pay for DLC timed exclusive. MS should give back to their gamers, since those people pay for live. They deserve better than what ms has shown on E3.

  • Mark

    “After Microsoft’s eventful E3 keynote speech, many PS3 owners are probably wondering whether or not to buy the new Xbox 360 Slim.”

    Funniest thing I have ever read on the Internet. I doubt you can find a single true PS3 owner that want to downgrade to a DVD based Xbox “slim”

  • Ham

    Bit of a stupid question to ask before the Sony keynote speech has even happened. Perhaps by the end of tomorrow you'll be asking XBox 360 owners if they'll be buying a PS3…

  • frasd

    what for? i have a ps3 and pc already so what a couple hundred to play halo? gears? lol no thanks

  • Mike

    Hey Alan, I wonder if you have a ps3 already? Whats the point of buying the new 360 for video chat when you can do that on the ps3 already?

    • Of course I have a PS3 Mike, but did you see the interface for the video chat features? You have to say it was pretty impressive.

      Its true the PS3 can do a lot more that the Xbox 360 from a hardware point of view..but now the Xbox 360 has been 'upgraded' with WiFi, external HDD etc, I wanted to know what you guys think of it.

      • John

        We dont think ANYTHING about it, its just another xbox mate, why the hell should we care. It's not any better than any of their other crappy versions! Why would a PS3 owner buy an xbox, there aren't even any decent exclusives and even if there were, they're not good enough games to buy a console for.

        • Joe


  • Tesseract

    I'll take one if I win it, but I'm not going to pay $300 for another console. PS3 is more than enough console gaming for my needs.