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Project Natal Kinect (Xbox 360): Launch Lineup before E3 2010?

More information on Project Natal is coming in thick and fast now. Moments after we learned of the new ‘Kinect’ name for the motion device, we have a list of new games that will be coming alongside Kinect.

That is according to this report from USA Today, who have detailed a list of unannounced games despite the fact that Microsoft’s E3 keynote does not begin until later on in the morning. Their report also confirms the ‘Kinect’ name, just in case any of you were having doubts after reading our previous article.

As for the new games, they have detailed five new titles that are on the way, along with confirmation that Microsoft will be working will LucasArts and Disney on new titles as well. The five titles mentioned are Kinectimals, Joyride, Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures and Dance Central. The first four are probably a direct produce of Microsoft Studios, while Dance Central has been developed by MTV Games.

A lot to look forward to for Xbox 360 owners it seems. Get details on all of the games mentioned over at USA Today.



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