Nexus One Android 2.2 Froyo: OTA Update Release Date This Week?

By Alan Ng - Jun 14, 2010

We have an update for Nexus One owners now, as a fresh rumor has indicated that Google may, just may be preparing to release an update OTA to Android 2.2 Froyo – this being the official one of course.

As reported from Phandroid, the rumors have surfaced via, as they are claiming that they received the update OTA from Google and have posted a few screenshots proving this.

They state that the build number ( FRF72) is different to the old build number for the Froyo update that was released prematurely (FRF50). They also link to a tweet from a Google employee who also confirmed the FRF72 build version, but that tweet is no longer available – was he asked to remove it?

If we are to believe what these rumors are telling us, the update to Froyo will be 1.8MB and a confirmed feature is improved Adobe Flash 10.1 support.

Hopefully this is no joke and users will be receiving the update OTA soon. Let us know if you do get the notification from Google so we can start letting others know.

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  • Ctown108

    … PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE …look at Motorola.. they have jumped the gun with their updates and messed up each time… I for one am happy with my nexus..always have been and regreat manually updating to froyo… its causing a lot of heat (literally my phone is hot more then its cool) and heat is an enemy of electronics. Your nexus is a well designed device. Let Google decide when froyo is fine tuned and ready to be released and your reward shall be great… You can never achieve greatness with haste.

    • darrell t

      Sure you can, just watch a rocky 3 montage. That’s greatness achieved, in super quick time!

  • QDub

    I'm not surprised about the wait time, google is notorious for long beta's and late releases – just think about GMail, iit came out of beta less than a year ago.

  • konakai

    Melissa you mean the our wireless provider? If it is oh man its gonna be a problem since I’m with at&t… at&t with there stingy data plan with the wifi hotspots.. froyo is worth waiting for so when it comes i wont have to take my laptop with me… anyone planning on getting a dell streak?

  • Godless


    Been hearing this stuff since the manual update came out.

  • MaNar

    Hey guys, what does "upto the providers" mean? Is this the mobile carriers that Google is talking about? I have a nexus one and I am in Australia, will i still get the update via internet?

  • MaNar

    Hey guys, what does "upto the providers" mean? Is this the mobile carriers that Google is talking about? I have a nexus one and I am in Australia, will i still get the update via internet?

    • Expat

      MaNar … I will be moving to Australia soon. How has your N1 experience been? I have the (850/1900/2100 MHz) phone, so I think I gotta go with Telstra?

      Does your google Navigation work?

      • ikon604

        There is an app called navlauncher(not available in the market) that lets you use navigation. Its not perfect but definitely usable. I live in Sydney and used it in New Zealand last weekend to get around it was great.

  • Melissa

    I just spoke with Google directly and they said they have released the official update for ota and it is up to the providers when they decide to push it through. She estimated that it will be by the end of the month, but would only officially confirm that they did release the official 2.2. She said the manual upgrade was only for test phones and not meant for the general public. She said there is quite a bit more to the official one and it fixes the bugs that came with the manual. She also confirmed that those who manually upgraded will also get the official and it will not adversely affect it. (More likely, it will fill in the holes of frf50)

    • I hope it was a verified Google employee, rather than the broken link above on the words "tweet from a Google employee" which lead nowhere….

      • Melissa

        It was definitely a Google employee. It didn’t seem like any big secret on their end. I’m sure anyone could call and confirm it all.

    • Ray

      What does “its up to the providers” mean? Please clarify. If I have a nexus one am not with a carrier, that is using only the WiFi, shouldn’t I get the update regardless?

    • she lies

      Please read the nexus one forum (official one). Google emps claim that the ota is not carrier/provider specific

      What rubbish speak Melissa

      • Melissa

        I just wrote what I was told by a Google employee, so whatever. Believe what you want.

  • Terry

    It's just a phone update…get a life.

  • Jim in Baltimore

    I'm as impatient and as excited about this new release as anyone! I'm a software engineer and have an idea of what might be going on over at Google while they get this ready for release, but, I keep checking my N1 for updates every 5 minutes too! And I agree with Ian… Christmas In June!!! I can't wait to run downstairs and play with my new software update!!!

  • Ian

    enjoy it! when was the last time yo had that waiting fro Christmas feeling as an adult!

    • nfkraemer

      Very good point!

      It has been a long while; and I will enjoy it.

      Only problem is… I knew how many days away Christmas was!

  • childrenbecalm

    What’s up with all the people complaining about Froyo not being released yet?? They only announce it a few weeks ago and said they’d release it in a few weeks. Are people that stupid to continue to threaten to buy an inferior device from a competitor even though it took that company three months from when they announced the new version and its actual release date? Google said a few weeks, it has only been a few weeks. To all the children from the “me” generation. Welcome to the real world, if you a good product and for it to work correctly it’s better to wait for the finished product than make empty childish threats toward a multi-billion dollar company. Stop living in your mcworld and try living in the real world

    • Kimberly

      Lol, thank you! I'm just as excited about getting froyo as anyone else, but like the old saying goes..good things come to those who wait.

      • Srini

        Patience is virtue, they say!!! I wonder how much we homosapiens have it built into us. Testing a man’s patience (or a woman’s patience) might be good, but only for so much.

        I think enough said. Think it should be out now. Or else some loyalties are sure going to change. 🙂

    • Tim

      Good call.

  • Green

    Come on Google get it together I’m sick of reading the same info every day!!!!!! I’m a loyal person so I will never switch sides but not everyone is like me so let’s goooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • Walter

    We Nexus One owners have been quite anxious about this release date. I'm about ready for it as well. Since I live in self-imposed isolation from the Twitter scene, I was thinking about employing someone to check my phone for the OTA update every five minutes while I'm not using it. However, if they hold back the release for much longer this option might become cost prohibitive.

    • Rakesh Chaudhary

      Guys I m tired all days looking for 2.2 release.
      It sucks if you don't get date.
      I love google but cann't expect this delay from Google.

    • I just got the ota update build frf83 6/23/10