New Xbox 360 Slim: UK Release Date in July – Twitter

By Alan Ng - Jun 14, 2010

The new Xbox 360 Slim console was introduced at Microsoft’s E3 conference this morning, with prices and a release date for the U.S following soon after. The good news is that Microsoft has confirmed a release date for everyone in Europe who missed out on all of the fun.

As reported from VG247, the all-important date for our UK readers is July 16th. From that date onwards you’ll be able to take home the new Xbox 360 console for yourself.

It is over a month later than the U.S, but hey – you are used to it by now. Microsoft didn’t reveal UK pricing for the new console yet, but we’ll hopefullly bring you confirmation of that soon.

Microsoft confirmed the news on their official Twitter page – check out the status update here if you like. Will you be picking up the Xbox 360 in Europe? If so, let us know your thoughts on today’s events.

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  • John

    yay ordered mine this morning tradede in my elite and coupel games ended up paying £20 quid for my new console its worth 3 weeks of no gaming i make that up when it comes out abnd i booked a day of holiday for the release dqte yippepeeee

  • Mark Nicholas

    I already have pre-ordered mine, its price at GAME and GAMESTATION is £199, it does not come standard with an HDMI cable or Component, just the good old Composite (Yellow,Red,White), the hard drive is removable, and slots into the console, 5 USB ports, and nowhere to put the old Memory Units.


    There was an update about a month ago that lets you transfer saved files, and downloads onto USB memory sticks, I backed up my console on 3 4GB memory units.

  • Haydn

    I’m guessing they will probably be around the £300 mark at a guess, and there is a hard drive adaptor on eBay to transfer saves

  • Well, July 16 isn't that long. I'm sure these units will be sold like hotcakes especially when the Kinect arrives. All questions about xbox 360 slim answered

  • Tom

    It's quite daunting how we still have to wait a month for the European release of this. But it means I've got another month to work up some overtime to be able to afford one. Hopefully they will be releasing them here at the same retail as an Elite, which as some of you may know is around £200. I would also like to know how I'm going to be able to transfer my old save files and game content to the new console, they didn't seem to mention that either. The E3 video on only shows the new console for around 2 minutes and doesn't really give much to the viewers or audience on specifications except for the 250gb hard drive and the built in Wi-Fi.

  • Will there be an official UK unveiling where we get a chance to get a free one like our stateside cousins?

  • Kay

    once again the UK is treated like a second rate customer. I guess it could be worse, but the fact that I even have to say that is telling