New Xbox 360 Slim: Specs and Official Photos

By Alan Ng - Jun 14, 2010

Just as promised, we have a more detailed report on Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 slim console for you to read now. We have a few more specs to tell you about, as well as some stunning product photos that Microsoft has just released.

As confirmed at Microsoft’s E3 keynote, the new console will be packing a 250GB hard drive. This hard drive will be external, meaning that you can remove the hard drive if you want to. However, Microsoft didn’t go into detail if the new console would support larger memory or not.

The next big feature is the inclusion of built-in WiFi. This is a feature which was badly needed you have to say, and we can confirm that the new device will have support for the 802.11n WiFi band.

The front of the device will feature some snazzy touch-sensitive buttons, while the back of the device reveals an HDMI out port and a small custom port for connecting the Kinect motion device. Thats all the specs we have at the moment, we’ll bring you more as we get it.

For now though, enjoy the official product photos over at Engadget here.

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  • taum

    SUCKS BALLS PS3 WAY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tye

      360 hast better graphics

  • Justin

    Isn't bluray owned by Sony? i dont ever think xbox will ever have blu-ray

  • david

    no it dont have a bluray player, which is a shame as it would have completed it.

  • Jess

    yada yada yada, all things that can be found on the MS site…

    DOES IT HAVE A BLUE-RAY PLAYER OR NOT?!! Will someone at E3 please verify this?

    • boby

      hey, easy to answer, NOWAY! Microsoft is in direct competition with the blue ray, named the HD DVD but they don’t really promote it in any way. And also that they are too cheap to include it free in it, you’ll have to buy it 😉


  • The real improvement that I can see with this is its connectivity with KIN and an expandable storage capacity. Although, I do welcome its new features like (zune connectivity and ESPN 3) as well as with the price! It's still 299 USD. (just like the fat 360) Xbox 360 Slim Complete details