New Xbox 360 Slim Price and Release Date

By Alan Ng - Jun 14, 2010

Following on from our article moments ago, which confirmed the new Xbox 360 slim console, we now have a confirmed release date and price to share with you – it is very pleasing news for gamers.

We can confirm that the price of the new console will be $299, which is exactly the same price as the original model at the moment – way to go Microsoft.

In a further surprise, Microsoft revealed that the release date for the new console is NOW. That’s right, Microsoft are launching the device as of tomorrow. Retailers will get it first, then it will be available to buy at the end of the week – we definitely didn’t see that coming.

It does mean that we’ll have to wait until November to pair it with Microsoft Kinect, but I’m sure gamers won’t be too upset about this.

We can’t wait to see what the device looks like up close and personal. Microsoft has really done a great job with the slimmer version. More details on the way – give us your reaction to the price and release.

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  • melad

    hey guys anybody know when the xbox 360 slim available in iraq

  • Trevor

    hey, guys does anyone know when the slim the 360's available in canada,? (:

  • chris

    my elite broke so im gettn the new xbox as soon as i get enough money cant wait

  • matt

    when will the new xbox be released in canada? 🙂

  • Ted

    Looks great. Why do people mention the Ps3 here. I don't care if you have one, i'm interested in 360's.

  • Matt

    whens release date for canada eh?

  • LameSauce

    I love how this hasn't even come out yet and you morons think you can write a product review without actually having the freaking product. Seriously.

  • CUNT


  • adam

    hey guys i really need to no release date of xbox slim in australia can anyone help me?

    • Patrick

      Yeah I'm looking for it too, it seems pretty elusive over here. I can barely even get any news on the console itself. It's as if there's more anticipation for a new Call of Duty than there is for a new console…

  • GroovyPepito

    I have both the ps3 and the 360 elite, both are great for me but this new 360 is just gunna be to amazing, good thing i got a warranty im trading my old 360 for this new one 😀

    • onique

      can u really do that

  • Obviously, this will set the price of the 'fat' xbox 360 to a low low price. And that's great, and the good thing with the slim one is its backward compatible as well. Xbox 360 Slim Complete details

  • Sean

    PS. is there a release date for australia yet???

    • Your MOM!!!!!

      dude just shut the fuck up you pussy!

  • Sean

    im sure that they would have fixed the overheating bug with this model. The only reason they had the previous bug was the beat sony with their launch of the PS3. I fitted an external fan unit to my xbox and runs very cool now. The new 360 is very impressive and along with the kinect system it's gonna blow Wii and PS3 out of the water.

  • Thanatos_666

    hmmmmmm the 360 slim look impresive and all but i ave a feeling there will be some sort of bug or defect like increase of the system heating up or something but i have a ps3 (phat 40gig) and i don't see myself buying a 360 anytime soon

    • dastardly panda

      there both awesome you should buy a 360 slim. i have both consoles and i dont regret buying them at all.

    • mikey

      they put in a fan twice the size also its the new xbox and they were not in a rush to release it so there wont be many bugs with ti

    • cameron

      Y would u talk about ps3 when they suck

    • josh stacey

      the new xbox has two fans inside the actual console so it is much quieter and cools down quicker