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New Xbox 360 Slim Price and Release Date

Following on from our article moments ago, which confirmed the new Xbox 360 slim console, we now have a confirmed release date and price to share with you – it is very pleasing news for gamers.

We can confirm that the price of the new console will be $299, which is exactly the same price as the original model at the moment – way to go Microsoft.

In a further surprise, Microsoft revealed that the release date for the new console is NOW. That’s right, Microsoft are launching the device as of tomorrow. Retailers will get it first, then it will be available to buy at the end of the week – we definitely didn’t see that coming.

It does mean that we’ll have to wait until November to pair it with Microsoft Kinect, but I’m sure gamers won’t be too upset about this.

We can’t wait to see what the device looks like up close and personal. Microsoft has really done a great job with the slimmer version. More details on the way – give us your reaction to the price and release.



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