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Microsoft Kinect Release Date for Xbox 360: November

Earlier Alan Ng reported that Microsoft had confirmed Kinect – the new name for project Natal on the Xbox 360. We also offered you the latest videos and photos for you to feast your eyes on, but now we have some news on its release date. That date is in November 2010 and was announced via the official Xbox MySpace account.

We already knew that it would be released in the fall, so a November release will be good for two reasons – Black Friday sales and the start of the holiday shopping season. According to MCV, latest rumors suggest that Kinect for the Xbox 360 will cost about $150.

Microsoft hopes that its motion-sensing device will help to increase sales of its Xbox – but that is not the only trick up its sleeve. Alan Ng also suggests that the company is to announce a slim version of its Xbox 360 games console – this could also be launched in time for the holiday season.

We expect to learn more as the day goes on at E3 2010. But do not think that it is all about Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will also be showing off some of their latest products. Read a recent post on all three live video streams of each keynote.



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