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Microsoft Kinect: Release Date Confirmed in November

Microsoft finally revealed a release date for their upcoming motion sensing device, Kinect. It will be available to buy in the U.S on November 4th – no mention of a UK date however.

Some information obtained prior to the event, by Peter Chubb in our previous report here suggested that Kinect would be available sometime in November, but Microsoft revealed a solid date for us during their E3 keynote conference in Los Angeles. It now means that the speculated October release period was incorrect, but since it is coming early November – it shouldn’t be too long a wait for owners.

Will you be picking it up on release date? I have to say that Kinect looks very promising this time around – and there didn’t look to be any lag issues that we heard about a while ago. Im particularly interested in the fitness and music aspects of the device, and Kinect Video is looking very neat.

We’ll bring you a full roundup soon. Let us know your thoughts on the release date.



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