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Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 Price $149: Pre-order leak

We already knew that the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 was coming, but what we did not have was a price for the motion-sensing device – formally Project Natal – until now. It seems that Gamestop accidentally leaked the price, which showed up as $149 for pre-order.

We are not certain why Gamestop decided to list the price of the Microsoft Kinect, along with price and pre-order details on other products – such as the new Xbox 360 slim. Nilay Patel from Engadget is not certain why the page was put up in error, and that the links on the page are dead.

Gamestop has even posted the prices of a range of new Xbox 360 deals, from just the console to bundles. An arcade bundle will cost $299, or an elite bundle will cost $399. Both consoles comes will come with the new Kinect device.

Patel is not happy with all this information that has been made available to us, he would like to know what the price will be for the new 250GB version of the new Xbox 360 Stealthbox?



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