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iPhone’s iOS 4 Multitasking will disappoint: Limited Capabilities

iOS 4 will be available to download and install on June 21, with the new iPhone coming three days later – June 24. The new operating system will come with a host of news features, but it is multitasking that we find the most intriguing. Before you get too exited there are a few things that you need to know.

Mitch Wagner from PC World has written an extensive article and reckons than the iOS 4 multitasking will disappoint due to limited capabilities – something that Apple is keeping quiet about for the moment. This is because only certain application will be able to run in the background – we are still uncertain as to what those are.

When Apple first announced the new OS, which was formally known as iPhone OS 4 we were under the illusion that it would come with true multitasking – it looks as though we were mislead. Wagner has been doing some tests and it seems that only Apple’s apps works with the new feature at them moment – including Clock, Mail and the Safari browser.

Steve Jobs did say that application developers will need to enable multitasking for this feature to work – so hopefully will not be long before updates for your favorite apps will be ready for you to download and install.


  • ManAtWeb

    thx for clarification

  • Solamar

    Umm.. this blogger (yet another example of why blogs are killing news these days) needs to do some research.. There are defined modes/categories for multitasking that apple as already defined. Depended on need (Full MT for audio, VoiP, and GPS appls), IM Notification / push notifiactions, and stateful app switching/multitasking (saved in memory such as browsers, games, etc) that don't require CPU while not being used, and background file transfering for sites like facebook where you are uploading photo's, etc.

    Also, what PC World doesn't state is that all current apps will support App stateful Switching w/o being modified. So if you start a game, goto the task menu, and switch to the browser, then go back, the state of that game is saved EVEN if it wasn't programed to support multitasking. As the article also points out, WHY would to want full multitasking for a game? Ehhh?

    f reakin bloggers.. love to twist things just to hype up a story.


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