iPhone’s iOS 4 Multitasking will disappoint: Limited Capabilities

By Peter Chubb - Jun 14, 2010

iOS 4 will be available to download and install on June 21, with the new iPhone coming three days later – June 24. The new operating system will come with a host of news features, but it is multitasking that we find the most intriguing. Before you get too exited there are a few things that you need to know.

Mitch Wagner from PC World has written an extensive article and reckons than the iOS 4 multitasking will disappoint due to limited capabilities – something that Apple is keeping quiet about for the moment. This is because only certain application will be able to run in the background – we are still uncertain as to what those are.

When Apple first announced the new OS, which was formally known as iPhone OS 4 we were under the illusion that it would come with true multitasking – it looks as though we were mislead. Wagner has been doing some tests and it seems that only Apple’s apps works with the new feature at them moment – including Clock, Mail and the Safari browser.

Steve Jobs did say that application developers will need to enable multitasking for this feature to work – so hopefully will not be long before updates for your favorite apps will be ready for you to download and install.

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