iPhone 4 vs. 3GS: New model or lower price?

By Gary Johnson - Jun 14, 2010

Since the iPhone 4 was first announced a week ago with all its new technology and features, comparisons have been made between the new handset and the 3GS especially the screen.

Now that the iPhone 3G is being discontinued the 3GS looks like will be offered for a lower price in the UK. But who would want the 3GS over the all singing and dancing new iPhone 4? We reported previously on how much better the new screen will be when reading text, which is just one of the improvements.

Younger people who have less money to spare and want a smartphone might be interested in an iPhone 3GS. Prices should start to be announced pretty soon for the new handset as people start to decide what network to go with.

Are you buying iPhone? Do you see this as a good time to get a cheaper iPhone 3GS, or an opportunity to get the latest technology found on the iPhone 4?

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  • With the onset of 3G spectrum in India iphone 3GS sure to have a huge market in India

  • lee

    The screen is the only part that really makes a difference. Apple are never producing groundbreaking phones, and are always 6 months behind the curve from a feature standpoint. (5mp camera anyone?)
    If you don't want the frankly rubbish video facility that works only over wifi, or the magic HD camera that can't provide HD video, then buy the 4G.
    If you fancy upgrading your 3GS to the new OS, then you get 90% of the benefit.