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iPhone 4 Pre-order: Your game plan?

We have just a few more hours until you can pre-order your iPhone 4, Apple has not given a specific time but we will know when the Apple Store has the “we’ll be back soon” message. There are so many ways for you to pre-order the fourth-generation iPhone, but the online Apple Store is your best option if you want a guarantee to get the handset on the day of its release – June 24, 2010.

Chris Ziegler from Engadget reckons that the easiest way is to order online, there are those who will choose to go to an Apple Store, but they will only take you to one of their Macs for you to pre-order anyway – so you might as well stay at home. I have chosen to queue up in the past, but I will order mine online – saves all the hassle.

As we mentioned above, we are uncertain of a time but you should wait until midnight Eastern Standard Time, which was the time when Apple made the iPad available for pre-order. You do not have to just use the Apple store, you can also visit AT&T stores or online. However, you will have to pay the full amount up front.

If you do not have a solid game plan yet then why not try a number of third-party retailers, such as RadioShack, Best Buy and Wal-mart.

What is your iPhone 4 pre-order game plan?


  • Steve

    Calm down. It’s just a phone. It will get here when it does. Be patient

  • Steven

    I just pre-ordered mine after trying for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Then when I tried to preorder my dad's it had the sticky note. God help us all!!!

  • chris

    … it has said "please wait while we process your request" for like 45 min so far… (after i signed up for preorder)

  • peter

    seems like the apple site or their damn session id's are not holding up correctly. i was unable to pre-order mine but i got to reserve it after 30 mins of re-attempting to get to just that part of the order. i'm trying to reserve my girlfriend's now and no dice after about 12 mins of re-attempting. seems like too many queries and it's going through a DDoS attack on the site, GAH!!!

  • strongfist

    Hey! the iPhone 4 is finally here…or is it?

    According to this article at AT&T has the options to pre order but the iPhone 4 isn’t there yet…its really confusing but go check the link out to keep updated.

  • i don't think im gonna pre order im just gonna go there on launch day really early cause i want to see the white in person.. its kind of hard to tell wether im gonna like it just by the pics and i dont want to pre order the white then me un happy with it, i have the white 3GS tho.

  • Ryan

    ha right after my first post went down for updates

  • Ryan

    1am EST still unable to pre-order iphone 4 from

  • bob

    Im seeing that the white iphone(which is the one i want) will not be available for preorder on the 15th!! Whats the deal??

  • im waiting but it hasnt got any more information on the websight!


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