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Gears of War 3: Not coming to PS3 – Confirmed at E3 2010

We have some disappointing news for PS3 gamers now, as Microsoft just confirmed that Gears of War 3 will remain an exclusive on the Xbox 360 console – there goes the hope that you have been clinging on to.

The very first gameplay for the game was unveiled at E3, as members from Epic took to the stage to give us the world’s first taster of the game.

It looks pretty amazing to be honest. Co-op featured heavily during the demo, and we got a look at the new cover system and a few of the new enemies that you’ll come across.

Most PS3 owners probably knew that the game wouldn’t be arriving on Sony’s console, but after the collection of rumors over the last few months – the dream was still alive for many.

Consider that dream shattered though – its Xbox 360 only. Let us know your thoughts on this – E3 keynote ongoing as we speak.



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