FIFA World Cup 2010: Should Vuvuzelas be banned?

We are now well into the 2010 FIFA World Cup and there are a number of ways in which fans have been enjoying watching the largest sporting event – such as on their TV, online streaming or direct to your smartphone. However, whatever way you view each game there is one main problem – hearing any commentary. This is because of Vuvuzelas and the huge amount of noise that fans make with them.

These are plastic trumpets and have become very popular with fans, taking over the role of air horns. The downside is that the air never runs out with these instruments. This does affect the game, with FOX Sports fearing that they are deafening other fans and the players themselves – maybe this is why some of the first games have been half-hearted?

We have learned that Danny Jordaan, head of the World Cup organizing committee has not ruled out banning vuvuzelas. Broadcasting companies have been the most vocal about a possible ban, as they fear that viewers are unable to hear a word of their commentary.

Those who have been taking these plastic trumpets to games feel that it is in the spirit of the game, but I am certain that a person standing near the noisy end of one would disagree. The issue is not just during the football matches; fans going back home or to their hotels after the game can be heard playing them in the early hours of the morning.

Do you think that Vuvuzelas should be banned from the 2010 World Cup?


  • aaaaaaa

    I think we should banned them. Because they damage your hearing.

  • Hajib Saan

    They are stupid and really annoying and destroy the atmosphere of the world cup.

  • Annoyed

    leave the Vuvuzelas alone, it's their way of celebrating. when you are a guest in someone's country and learn to cope and deal, so i say we all learn to adjust, and stop complaining.

    • I am pro Vuvuzela as I to agree they give fans a means of interacting with the game and give expression to their joy in a non-violent manner.Let’s face it if their blowing their lungs out on those things, they’re less likely to pick fights with opposition fans.Interesting to see the figures on violence amongst soccer crowds and whether or not it’s lower since Vuvus camein

  • snnybbeck

    just get rid of them or find a way to filter out that most annoying sound

  • Jim

    Why must we be so kind to something so annoying? If we offended a nation when they came to our games, we'd adjust for them…because that is only common sense.

  • asd

    they are so annoying

  • Diana Taylor

    After months of looking forward to TV broadcasts of The World Cup matches, vuvuzelas have drowned out the whole event. Respecting cultures is one thing but being subjected to a continuous noise like buzzing bees is not acceptable.


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