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E3 2010: Xbox 360 Slim and Project Natal ‘Kinect’ Revealed – Rumor

Last year it was Sony who suffered a series of leaks prior to their keynote conference at E3, and it appears that it has now happened to Microsoft. If the following information is true, we have confirmations of a new Xbox 360 Slim and the final name for Project Natal. Wow.

According to this report from VG247, Project Natal will be known as ‘Kinect’. The information was revealed via an Xbox 360 advert in Italy. The ad also revealed the world’s first glimpse of the new Xbox 360 Slim console. It looks pretty hot too and it said to feature a 250Gb HDD and built-in wifi support.

Obviously this is classed as a rumor, but we can also tell you that Microsoft has pulled the advert already – so it is looking very likely folks. Firstly, what are your thoughts on the new design? We don’t get an idea on how small the device is compared to the original model, but I like the basic design for sure.

As for ‘Kinect’, I’m not convinced. It will probably grow on me though. You can check out a YouTube clip of the pulled ad here – watch it while you can. We’ll keep you updated. Don’t forget Microsoft’s pre-E3 Project Natal event kicks off in a few hours.


  • Actually, on the new xbox 360 slim. ESPN3 streaming is possible hence, the all the goodness of zune library will be available as well. Xbox 360 Slim Complete details

  • artwiz

    yeah well guess he mean netflix..u cant stream netflix without a disc for the ps3..hence out the box

  • akn

    Looks great and if Natal is bundled with it should see some impressive sales, built in wireless will be Wireless "N" giving a far far better connection than any other console and making it the only console able to stream directly out of the box

    • frenchie-96

      the ps3 can stream out the box dumbass


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