E3 2010 Rumors: New 500GB Sony PS3 Console Bundle and Specs

By Alan Ng - Jun 14, 2010

We have heard some pretty major news for Xbox 360 owners over the last hour or two, but now we have some juicy details for PS3 owners now. It has been rumored that a new 500GB PS3 SKU is on the way.

According to CVG, the new SKU is one of two new PS3 models which will be announced at Sony’s keynote conference on Tuesday – get times and details here.

The other SKU is a new 250GB model and CVG state that both versions will come bundled with Playstation Move – the company’s new motion-supported controllers. Furthermore, we are also hearing that both models will have improved WiFi cards. They will support 802.11n, which will be much faster than the 802.11 b/g that is currrently present within PS3 models.

It looks like a done deal to us. We knew that two new models were coming, and this looks like pretty solid details on both. Let us know your thoughts on this.

Happy with a 500GB HDD and faster WiFi?

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  • Troy

    i cant wait for this upgrade considering i could use both the 500gb hd and the wireless N.. anyone know a true release date or have an idea ?

  • megaman09

    Yeah, I’ve been waiting for an upgrade= )

  • Griff

    A bigger HDD will always be a nice addition, not too sure if as many people will rave about wireless N though. ISP's are ONLY JUST starting to shove out N capable routers with their service package deals but its going to take a while before N truly takes over G in the domestic setting.

    Thats not to mention that most routers are forced to automatically switch to G should a G-only capable device connect, thus rendering N capability mildly useless unless you thoughtfully disable all B/G devices during your gaming session but that could be a hassle.

    Still, both additions are nice, the bigger HDD should probably be the selling point to emphasise with the N capability something to treat the tech-buffs who will have already adopted N with.