E3 2010: Project Natal Price – Surely too expensive?

By Alan Ng - Jun 14, 2010

Following on our earlier article which seemingly revealed the first image of the new Xbox 360 Slim console, as well as a final name for Project Natal, some new details have emerged showing a new price for Project Natal in Europe – it’s not cheap.

As reported from VG247, the device rumored to be called ‘Kinect’ was spotted on the Danish arm of UK retailer GAME. The retailer has the device up on their website and have slapped a 1.299,00 DKK price tag on it, which works out at around €175/£140 – which obviously isn’t as affordable as we all thought it would be.
No mention of U.S prices yet, but it doesn’t look good for those of you planning to pick this up in the UK. I mean how many of you would be happy to pay almost £150 for this? Seems way over-priced to me.

Hopefully, we’ll have more details for you soon – give us your reaction to the new pricing.

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  • Lolz

    It’s just like the iPad! Would be nice to have, but not worth that price.

    Also to Gigaram: Get new things to use against the 360.. that RROD bullshit is gone. L2research for more flame next time ps3 fanfag.


    typical greadysoft err sorry microsoft no way will i pay that much for natal/kinect its just like the wii good for a thrash when your mates come over but it will get shelved until they come again. to me its only worth £50 maximum its just a gimmick i play more on my ps3 anyway LOL rrod 360 sucks

  • weejohnathon

    I am looking forward to natal/kinect have been since last year but if it is this price then I couldnt and wouldnt justify spending that sort of money on a peripheral as you can buy a brand new 360 for £220 – £230