E3 2010: Project Natal: New Name is Kinect – Confirmed

By Alan Ng - Jun 14, 2010

We told you about it before after it was leaked via an Italian Xbox 360 Ad, but now Microsoft has just confirmed it officially. Project Natal will now be known as ‘Kinect’. Do you like it or not?

As reported from VG247, Microsoft confirmed the news at their special pre-E3 event, dubbed the Project Natal Experience. It is taking place behind closed doors at the moment, but we managed to grab a few images from the event anyway.

So what are your thoughts on the new name? Does it have that ‘edge’ to it or not? I guess like the Wii, the name will grow on us all over time. Microsoft has obviously decided to make a habit of using the ‘Kin’ tag, after the release of their Kin One and Kin Two handsets on Verizon Wireless.

The event is ongoing as we speak, we’ll update with more information as we get it. Don’t forget to read our previous report which details a few Kinect launch titles.

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