E3 2010: New Xbox 360 Slim Console Announced

By Alan Ng - Jun 14, 2010

We knew it was coming, and Microsoft didn’t disappoint. At their keynote conference at E3, the company unveiled a brand new Xbox 360 console to the world. It is black in color and is a slimline version compared to the original.

Before unveiling the new console, Microsoft stated that the company will be ”transforming the gaming industry”, as the new console and Kinect will provide a ‘whole new era of entertainment’.

As you probably saw from the leaked pictures earlier today, the new console will be considerably smaller than the original and finally will come with built-in WiFi support – hooray!

The design is very sleek and the console has a shiny finish to it – similar to the fat Sony PS3. Check out a high res picture of the new console below, courtesy of Engadget. We’ll bring you full details on specs soon.

Do you like the new Xbox 360 Slim?

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  • misty

    Xbox 360 sucks!! You can't even put the damn machine on its side without its making a horrible noise and crashing!!I owned and had to send both back to microsoft and both still sucked after receiving it!!! My ps3 is amazing,don't waste your time with a piece of crap machine get blu ray!

  • matty g

    does any one know if a new controller is coming out with the new xbox slim

  • wobblehead

    I have both a ps3 and an xbox i must say that i Prefer my Xbox to my ps3. My ps3 forever crashes on both games and on the internet, while my Xbox never seem to have a problem. also i xbox has more features and better games.

  • When is this new xbox coming in to stores????? Btw it’s way better than ps3

  • Shane

    Cant wait to get the kinect. I watched the show on spike today and it was preety bad ass. This is gonna revolutionize the way people today play games. cant wait !

    • Do u know wen the new xbox is in the shops????

  • mitchhh

    wonder if the original hard drive fits in it and i also want to know when it comes out in australia

    • Andrew

      Unfortunately it doesnt, if you have a large flash drive or external HDD you can just copy and paste. otherwise you would need a 20$ transfer cable… but who doesnt have a Ex. Hdd or a good flash drive nowadays?

  • Edward

    The PS3 is wack and that is a straight fact but the 360 is hot but does no pot…when they go slim you can still see the limbs in COD they won't really need me…but xbox has halo, gaylo and it stays low but it also carries GOW and it has rumble too…it's on top of the cop cuz ps3 has internet and blueray too, while 360 is looking like a jew, but 360 whoops ass in everything else so why bother to go hit on kelse when you know she be selling ps3 and the 360 is with stevie…take your happy ass up to kelse and give her a slap and tell her you need help. then hit up stevie get the 360 and be like baby feed me. you also weed me cuz the slim is coming through gots the ps3 shit execpt the blueray and interent too. but it's still whoopin that ass as it is true, to go super blue when they compete head to head and you know who will win…it is the truth…that xbox 360 don't need an extra boost. Well I hope the rap makes it easier for black people understand that 360 is better and that stop buying that stupid ps3.

  • ps3 is still way better.

  • reneeswifts

    This console should put back Microsoft on the glory days. The real improvement that I can see with this is its connectivity with KINECT and an expandable storage capacity. Although, I believe its price @ 299 USD is very sweet! And its backward compatible as well. Xbox 360 Slim Complete details

  • DEfense

    ESPN live HD Streaming exclusively to Xboxlive hahaha yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    Wireless N!!!!!!!!! Wi-fi!!!!!!!!!! Whooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  • wacko

    I'll be sticking to my PS3. It still has more to offer then the Xbox360

  • Demon

    its great i cant wait to get it


    so to say u can surf the web now and connect online wirelessly

  • Darren

    I Love it. U forget to mention that it ships to stores today and you’ll be able to pick a new xbox 360 slim up later this week! 🙂

  • Justin

    love it, will be getting one when i buy kinect in November.