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E3 2010: New Xbox 360 Slim Console Announced

We knew it was coming, and Microsoft didn’t disappoint. At their keynote conference at E3, the company unveiled a brand new Xbox 360 console to the world. It is black in color and is a slimline version compared to the original.

Before unveiling the new console, Microsoft stated that the company will be ”transforming the gaming industry”, as the new console and Kinect will provide a ‘whole new era of entertainment’.

As you probably saw from the leaked pictures earlier today, the new console will be considerably smaller than the original and finally will come with built-in WiFi support – hooray!

The design is very sleek and the console has a shiny finish to it – similar to the fat Sony PS3. Check out a high res picture of the new console below, courtesy of Engadget. We’ll bring you full details on specs soon.

Do you like the new Xbox 360 Slim?



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