Download iOS4 for iPhone on release date or wait?

Following on from our earlier report, which informed you about potential problems for when the download for iPhone iOS 4 becomes available, we would now like to know how many of you are planning to update on release date?

As we mentioned before, iOS 4 will be available on June 21st, just three days before the highly anticipated launch of the iPhone 4 handset from Apple, AT&T, Best Buy and now Walmart.

Last year’s iPhone OS 3.0 launch brought a lot of unexpected problems for Apple – most notably with their iPhone activation servers. We asked you last time if you thought the servers would crumble under pressure, but we have a feeling that some of you may opt against downloading straight away.

The release of iOS 4 is almost sure to bring some immediate bugs to your device, so how many of you are planning to wait until iOS 4 is definitely ready to go?

Will you risk downloading as soon as it is available, or just hold off a few hours? Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • Mathdog335

    Tried to download to my 3G – it gave me an -9807 error and put my phone into 'emergency call only' mode. Had to sync with another computer to get to the restore, then restore and sync again with my computer. All of that took me 3.5 hours (and my phone isn't even full!) some apps carried over from the other computer which aren't even mine after the sync. I also had to redo my settings. Now my mailbox in new and combined but the other features aren't there. I suggest you wait a few days!!!

  • Caesar

    Do you guys think it will be available a 12am?

  • topsumbong

    when i get it i wont install it till the jailbreak is out for ipod touch 2g

  • Moonlight

    I can't wait! But I already have folders… & multitasking… On my itouch. 2G

  • Mike

    I like how they are releasing iOS4 3 days before the Iphone 4. It will help with the servers alot since everyone has 3 days to download the iOS4 .

    When the Iphon 4 is released, ppl wont be downloading iOS4 and the servers to activate iphone 4 wont be bogged down as much. Smart move on Apples part.

    I will get the iOS4 right away casue of ibooks. I love ibooks for my ipad and being able to have the books on my 3GS will rock.

    • nuttttttttttter

      Dont u Think That the iphone 4, with already be preloaded with ios4 duh

      • common cents

        of course it will, but you still have to activate the phone duh

      • 3GS Owner

        Yeah, but you still got to activate the software lol. Fail.

      • Matthewjosephb

        It still has to activate. Whenever you update an iPhone goes through activation. Apple always knows which version of the software your phone is running.

  • C-LIFF

    I'll wait until I can jailbreak it, before i flash.

  • Macwizz

    I will do the other, just buy a new iPhone 4, well worth it, this time around.

  • Hungry Man

    I'm going to download it right away, then eat my Iphone. I think I'll wash it down with a glass of 30 weight.

  • Kobta98rulez

    Im gettng it as soon as its released for the 100new features i cant wait

  • MacBernac

    Just upgraded to the 3rd gen Touch, so am SO ready for the features of iOS4! Want multitasking and FOLDERS so much! Gotta be an improvement over app management in place in current version.

    • daniel

      you should have waited for the 4th generation ipod touch in september. It will probily have a camera, retina display and more. THATS WHY I WAIT

  • Curtis

    i'm soo getting it as soon as i get home from school on that day, even if it is buggy. in still getting it, and i wont have activation problems cos i got touch 🙂

    Go apple!

    Cant wait!


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