Calvin Klein Cologne: Jaguars Obsession with Scientists

We know that smelling nice often attracts females, which has to be the main reason why us men where the stuff, but did you know that it can also works on big cats? Scientists have been using Calvin Klein Cologne on Jaguars, and it seems that they have an Obsession for one of the designers range.

In a bid to capture more photos of the elusive big cat, these scientists decided to soak a rag with some of the musky aroma – they must love it as they have been spotted sniffing, rubbing and pawing the objects that have been sprayed with the cologne.

This way of attracting these Jaguars did not come about by chance; the discovery was made at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx zoo. Rory Carroll from The Guardian explains that the zoo tried a range of different scents, but found Calvin Klein Obsession to be the best for the job.

Now that we know that these big cats can be attracted by this scent, we now wait to see if scientists can discover a cologne that will have the desired affect on woman – we are certain that men would pay hundreds of dollars for that particular brand.



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