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Call of Duty – Black Ops: Treyarch, Where is Zombie Mode?

After Treyarch unveiled not one, but two brand new gameplay trailers for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops title at E3, we can’t help but worry about the lack of announcement of a zombie mode for the game.

If you watched the event, you would of seen studio head Mark Lamia open Microsoft’s E3 keynote event with some unseen and pretty breathtaking footage of the game, which is scheduled to release this November.

Those of you watching the live stream on GameTrailers were also treated to another new trailer for the game, which featured a track off Eminem’s new Recovery album called Won’t Back Down.

However, Treyarch did not mention a single thing about zombie mode. They recently stated a few days prior to E3 that gamers will definitely have a really fun and enjoyable co-op experience, so I’m wondering what happened to the announcement of zombie mode for the game?

E3 doesn’t end until the 17th, so maybe Treyarch and Activision are saving the announcement until another day – we hope. Let us know your thoughts on this.

Am I the only one who was hoping for info on zombie mode?


  • Buzz

    I wish they would announce Zombies as being in it. I will not order it unless they are and I'm tired of waiting for the answer. Why the big secret? Just put the contents out there so people can decide what to do.

  • bobbi

    i reckon also that they should have like 12 player in the zombie mode and a big motherfucking map to run around in

  • soap

    If they have zombies in BO I want perk machines mystery boxes & A weapon atachment vendor, where it will give an atachment to the gun your holding, and you can deny or accept it. I also want HUGE maps, and 8 person zombie servers instead of 4( plus 4 people split screen)

  • xbox360.gamer

    i'm goin to be very happy when this is released.
    Maybe not half the xbox/playstation community plays mw 2the whole time then.
    mw 2 is one fucked up game with crap (noskill) multiplayer and very boring specops
    I hope there's goin to be (commi?) zombies with big maps,high buildings and weapon drops
    If the follow infinity wards road the multiplayer will be crap but i'll forgive them if they GIVE US ZOMBIES

  • cod 5 is 20 times beta dan mw2 cause if ya get bord of multi playr u can play zombies!!:D

  • Der'Reise is a beast

    I hated the Normal Multi-player of WaW (I dont know why). and when i did the campaign i was going to sell the game, but then i found the nazi-zombies part of WaW and i still have the game. MW2's spec ops was good but once you had 3 stars on a level i wouldnt normally play it again, but with nazi zombies i found the more i played it the better it got . So TreyArch better put in Zombies but have bigger maps, more suprises and maybe 1 or 2 campaign like missions that contain a Zombie Theme!

  • BoB

    Better hav zombies not retarded spec ops lik enemys wit no guns

  • Hey i'm Dempsey..

    Z-O-M-B-I-E-S, or i'm not getting Black Ops.

  • Chris

    I think they should have zombies, but find a way to spice it up. I agree that Nazi Zombies was the shit, but me and my friends played it so much, there really wasn't any surprise left to be had. They might want to have Zombies and another mode, i don't know what it would be, maybe like Modern Warfare's Special Ops mode or something along the lines.
    One of my thoughts was have it where you could choose what weapons you start out with, how strong the zombies are and such. That way the experience could be new each time you play it. Another thing is they could make it where you could upgrade your weapons twice, but on the second one you have a few choices like more firepower, faster shooting, or more ammo.

  • Timmers

    The cost of the game plus the 10euros each time for DLC, that 100euros/dollers for each person who says "i´m not buying unless it´s got zombies!"

    … no zombies, then the best they´ll get from me is that I pick it up for 15euros 2nd hand next spring. All that money they´re throwing at the campaign and I´m not even gunna look at it, I´m going straight to the zombie mode. so no zombies no buy,

    Why no Mappack 4 for WaW? money for old rope. Okay the team moves on to the COD BO project… and ?? once you´ve got the game engine and models for the ojects and characters setup you can hire a group of monkeys to build maps ,

    What we want is a zombie game with more players, larger maps and more perks.. we don´t give a monkeys about the bl**dy campaign mode!


    The game needs zombies but if treyarch is smart they'll put a zombie mode that's what made most of the people buy WAW I'd be surprized if they didn't put zombies in Black Ops

  • lol

    It needs zombies and hopfully we'll be able to upgrade weapons like on der riese

  • Sean Davis

    Yeah I really want a Zombie mode in this game..

  • MOH

    looks shit compared to MOH

  • Ryan

    well i think it has to be in it. i brough waw just for zombie mode so they would be missing out on a lot of money if they didn't include it in black ops.

  • heero357

    definately hope they have zombies in it. i love the whole co-op setup period. much better than special ops on mw2 cuz u don't have to have friends online to play. just go n a room & find a game just like multi. i think sepc ops would b way better if it were setup like w.a.w. but hey i agree, treyarch knows what they're doing. y limit your cash flow.

  • redrum667

    i hope they put zombies in the game or im not getting it. waw was fun but would have gotten old really fast if zombies weren't in it. treyarch keeps saying they listen to the community when it comes to the direction of the game besides a few retards everyone wants zombies so it should be there. i dont understand why its such a big secret they should just confirm it yes or no. jesus flipping christ!

  • justin king

    hell ya their better be zombies in it.. it’ll be sooooo effin sick with a new time period.

    and since they all got fired from activision then maybe they’ll decide to make a whole zombie game… with a new producer…

  • justi king

    hell fukin ya

  • colton

    i agree with andrew on the suspense but i would be much happyer if they just let us know ASAP

  • America COD master

    do you people never listen to all of the radios in der riese each radio says 1 number within it if you get them in order they give out the date of the release of black ops. and in the lst radio a mention of Area 51 which was supposedly founded near the time of roswell crash wat eva date that was so this is hinting towards mayb the first of the maps being Area 51 😉

  • NAV

    Yh true guys , Black ops definitely needs zombies , without it Balck Ops would be fukd , and as map pack 4 didnt come out in waw it may be released in Balck Ops as a diffrent map who knows , but the thing is e3 closes in 2days and if they dont announce it by thursday , theres a chance there will be no Zombies which is amazing !!! i still play NZ gettin 2 boored of MW2

    • bobbbobobobobob

      naaah, they not stupid, they know that with zomies they gonna make more money, and people will have more fun. ,aybe they wont have a zombies, but an alien mode, or something. theyre just trying to build up the suspense, and then anounce it at the end, or just suddenly come up with a zombies trailer 😛

  • Guest

    Nazi Zombies story line in the WAW game is very interesting and the gameplay is very fun. The way Treyarch built up the game with each map and especially with the Der Reise audo clips only wetted the palate for more. I would love the game play to expand and include boss type zombies that would add an additional flavor. Treyarch definitely needs zombies in the new game.

  • 45&NoLife

    OMFG if there isnt a zombies mode I WILL BE DEVO!!!

    i have played Der Riese about A BILLION times with a high score of lvl 62 Legit!!!

    hahah anyway i would LOVE to see the new Black Ops to contain and i believe that Treyarch will be complete DOWNIES if this mode isnt in the new GAME!!!


    defo agree with the bigger zombie game mode. A full map to run about on seems like a great idea and if zombies isnt in with the game then theres no point in buying the game give us what we want you computer nerds or im sending big leroy round.

    • guest

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thats freaking hilarious

  • Jy

    must have zombies

  • the man

    ya your def. right irish tulip that part of the COD world at war zombies that is could be an entire game and would probably crush left for dead. just imagine if left for dead had perk machines monkeys, and being able to aim down the barrel of the gun if they mixed those two games that would be one bad mother. lol

  • IrishTulip

    I will only buy Black Ops if it includes a zombie mode. The gameplay between each of the Call of Duty games is so similar that it is pretty much a waste of money to buy every version that comes out. The zombie mode in World at War was completely awesome and I would like to see them build upon it. Maybe they could even create an entire game based off of the zombie mode in World at War. I would buy that in a heartbeat. 🙂

    • Falcore55

      I agree that they should make a sort of "side-game" that derived from Nazi Zombies. My thought was make a city, then make zombies, make safe-houses, massive multiplayer, shops, ammo caches and all that good stuff. And they shouldn't make it worth your while to leave your safe-house to fight zombies.

      • Falcore55`

        Sorry, i mean’t “should make it worth,” typo.

      • the stig

        that would be a good idea it would be just like left for dead which was awesome!!

  • regreg

    I thought they would show some zombies too, disappointed they didnt.

  • jack

    dude. i would buy it for the zombie mode cuz you know their not going to mess up the multiplayer. so if i get a little board i can just go play mp. anyway i just home that the maps are big like der riese in waw. you need the room to run around.

  • JVinson

    Bring on the Zombies! Looking forward to it!

  • TheGuyWhoWantZombie

    I agree, but am pretty sure that people woul buy Cod :Bo Just for Zombie in it……(if it have it !)

  • Andrew

    Treyarch is not stupid. They made a crapload of money from the Zombie mode in WaW, so they know, if they want more money, they'll put it in. They just probably want to amp up the suspense of the mode by not giving anything away.


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