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AVG LinkScanner: Free Mac App To Combat Malware

There is no doubt that Apple’s Mac OS is a lot more secure than Microsoft Windows, however hackers are starting to target the platform with malware, one example of this is the OpinionSpy infection we spoke about earlier this month.

AVG Technologies have recently revealed plans to release a free Mac version of their popular LinkScanner application, this should help Apple Mac users avoid malware and phishing attempts.

LinkScanner is an application which works with your web browser, it scans web links in real-time for infection and security risks, this means that it checks a link before you click on it, which is far more secure than relying on a database of blacklisted websites.

Over the next few years it is thought that Mac OS X will be targeted by hackers more and more, this is because of the huge growth this platform has seen over the last few years. This is protection is becoming essential due to the popularity of URL shortening, which makes dodgy looking URL’s easy to hide and harder to identify.

When it is released AVG LinkScanner for Mac will be compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6, however you must be running either Mozilla Firefox 3.x (or later) and Safari 3.x (or later).

Source: MacWorld


  • EdK

    This is a terrible product. I ran it on Snow Leopard, and it wouldn't let me open any URL with Safari 5, or Firefox, or Camino!

    • soft0rom

      The program works quite well, also doesn't seem to take up very many resources at all. Lets you know before you click on a link whether or not its known to have anything malicious on it. Quite good for the price of free.


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