Volkswagen Minivans Recalls 2010: Sliding Door Fire Concerns

Following on from the Chrysler recall that we told you about last week, it has been confirmed that Volkswagen is also recalling some of their minivan models, as a result of possible fire concerns.

As reported from ABCNews, nearly 16,000 Routan minivans from Volkswagen AG are affected, and just like Chrysler, they are all related to sliding door problems.

According to Volkswagen, the only models affected are the 2009 minivans, so those of you who bought one of the newest 2010 models, you should be fine.

The good news is that Volkswagen has already acknowledged the problem and has confirmed a few incidents related to overheating in the sliding doors of minivans – but stressed that no injuries or crashes have been reported yet.

Do you own a minivan from VW? Let us know your thoughts on this.



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