Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360, PS3): Title Update v1.02: Problems

By Jamie Pert - Jun 13, 2010

Roughly one hour ago we posted an article which revealed that a title update for Red Dead Redemption had recently been launched, this update (v1.02) was launched to smooth out a long list of issues for both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

Whenever title updates are launched a small majority of people report that the update caused problems, this update is no exception as we are hearing that some PS3 owners are experiencing issues.

One PS3 owner recently reported that after installing the update the game no longer starts, apparently he can see the two RockStar Bullets being fired, however after that nothing else happens.

We would like your feedback to see if this problem is massive problem or not, therefore feel free to add your comments below, even if you have not had any problems with the update.

Have you had problems with Red Dead Redemption since installing title update v1.02?

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  • Harry Jack Shorter

    When it gets to the bullets I can’t hear them and my tv volume is on like 35 and then I get a black screen I think it has something to do with this so called update

  • Chrispin

     Guess what I just got the RDR game and was ready to play  and I also have the same loading issues on my xbox 360, after the so call update!!!!  the POS get’s stuck in the loading stage and won’t go any further then showing the spinning cylinder and freaking rock.  Now what?

  • Isaacb1616

    Yep, I did the update and now it won’t start. I can see the bullets but after that it’s a black screen. HOWEVER, right as in typing this it somehow fixed itself and is at the main menu. Weird. True story though

  • PS3 loads ALL other games, except RDR.  Disc doesn’t show on XMB screen under games.  Disc is fine, clean and NO scratches.  Tried deleting game data and save files and reinstalling numerous times, no good.  I even wiped my hard drive and rebooted system, same problem.  My system is an 160GB purchased in Dec. 2010.  i love the game but I am completely frustrated d/t disc not loading and after reading posts’ on internet I’m afraid it’s going to crash my PS3.  If anybody can help, please post info.


  • HoodR

    When i downloaded the patch just after downloading undead nightmare to carry on my fun :). But… when it scans for DLC it goes into an infinite load screen. So i cleared my cache, tried to play it… but i can't play undead nightmare without the patch. ROCKSTAR ARE S***!!!! im not happy i can't play undead nightmare after i paid about 800 MP for it !!!

  • david

    i havent palyed the game since june 2010 and i bought undead nightmare collection yesterday 4/3/11 i put my game on the consel i downloaded the new patch and now i cant play at all when i start single player after a 1 or 2 min in freezes and i have to go back to dashboard it wont load undeadnightmare what can i do i just spent another 20 dollas on this game and its useless some pls help (xbox 360)

  • Aman g

    I tried to download the game cause i heard it would prolong the xbox 360 life but ever since i tried it it just keeps sayin loading when i try to play and i keep hearin clunck clunck clunck from the xbox 360

  • so sad

    yeah i try to start single player and it freezes b4 i can ever start the first mission : (

  • Jorn

    Keeps on loading

  • dave

    my ps3 wont read disks dosnt even spin. froze on reddead after download

  • brian

    It freezes on my xbox360 on the loading screen for both single player and multiplayer . Whenever i uninstall the update the game works fine but i have to play offline.

  • brian

    whenever i try to load single player or multiplayer it freezes on the loading screen. What the hell is going on.

  • Joslin

    ….Rockstar won't get a penny from my pocket ever….. thanx God i had finished the game by the time the patch came out to disgrace my life and many consoles that resulted damaged because of it…. AND A CONSOLE AIN'T CHEAP… OR THE GAME!!

  • AnGrY MaN

    Bought it pre-owned for PS3 – got past the intro screen and then just freezes – took it back and bought a new copy – same thing happens so its obviously the game its self. I thought it was only shonky pc software companies that released things before they worked properly, such a highly respected company and gaming system allowing this kind of BS is unacceptable – i wont be buying any more Rockstar stuff.

  • brandon

    tried to start the game but the disk only loads for like 10 seconds and stops. someone help!!

    • tink

      me too , had red dead for months , everything worked fine till after i installed latest update , now when i get to loading screen (single player or multiplayer , ) the gun barrel turns for a sec then freezes , then whole ps3 freezes and have to restart everything , please fix this problem i love red dead

  • nick

    on my ps3 i get to where you start the update and press ok and the screen goes black and beeps and goes back to the log on screen

  • Savanna

    im having the same problem! i wanted to play mutiplayer with friends and i got tired of it so i hit exit multiplayer and it took me bk to the 1st chapter! i tried restarting my ps3, unplugging it, and deleting the game data! Now it frezzes on the loading screen when i click on multiplayer and singly player. Plz help!

  • nick

    Ive been having trouble with 1.03 for ps3

  • nick

    Ive been having trouble with 1.03 for ps3

  • Luiz Serra

    Sou brasileiro e este problema realmente acontece , no meu caso não cheguei a jogar até agora !!!

    Por favor , me ajudem !!!

    I'm brazilian and this problem really happens , in my case , I'don't play this game yet , because this problem


  • jeremy

    every game that i purchased from the rockstar brand for ps3 when i updated it they all screw up and that thing on the side pops out that it cant read it and then it just ejects the disc. i replaced 3 xboxes because of this and it still happens. the games were rdr, gta 4, lost and damned, and ballad of gay tony.

  • help me im crazzy

    i have a error when i try to load at single player, it sais that this file is made by a different user and you cant use it:S

  • jaggi sher gill

    I have save glitch problem in this title
    just after playing 2 or 4missions the auto save part save ,but when i loads that save point, i am at again at starting
    some time it saves and sometime it does not
    what the shhittt is going on

  • Jace2154

    After installing the new patch on my PS3 i cant play single player it just sits on the loading screen , multiplayer works fine but single has been gone for about a month now.

    • jay

      stupid thing is all you have to do is sign out of your psn account than you can play single player. had the same thing happen to me. plus i can't even play online cause of a dns error. going to buy a better console and yes i mean a xbox 360.

  • lukkay

    same here does not load on from rock* logo p****** me off. it only started happening after my xbox was repaired whyyyyyyyyy???? i give up waiting for mafia 2 and if that bites the dust im burning my xbox and buring it in my garden

  • Christian

    Mine won't start either, it goes as far as the red/black loading page but stays there forever…

  • don

    after the update i can play multiplayer but not single player

  • Rich

    launch PS3 Fat downloaded the update. the game plays fine for about 10 minutes but then freezes. I have to power down manually to restart. I'm a bit confused about how wide spread this problem is. I notice on gamespot and gamestop forums there is practically no mention of this problem. Rating of this game despite this glitch has not been effected. Are we just a small minority with this problem?

  • Chris D

    Paul, whilst I was still able to read the disc the only way I could get the game to play was to uninstall the game and data, exchange the disc and then reinstall without installing the update. I also switch off my internet connection. I did find that it did not work if I used it on a HD TV, but I generally play on a small TV anyway. Not ideal, but only once has the game frozen in three or four weeks.

    On a more general note I have finally had a response from Rockstar 4 weeks after logging my problem. Their solution was to uninstall and reinstall. Good to know they are keeping abreast of all the message board chat about this problem as this clearly is not the answer

  • Paul

    After downloading update, my PS3 won't read the disc. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Aaron

    Game wont even get past the second screen with all the trademarks and fine print and what not, it just throws me back out to the dashboard

  • rob

    My game freezes after about 10mins of gameplay, then I'm forced to reboot my PS3. I deleted and reinstalled the game data but it did nothing. Now I can't start any game at all. I've even tried a file system restore in recovery mode but no luck. R* broke my PS3!

  • Smljhndnsmr

    A buddy of mine and I both have PS3s and copies of RDR. I have the old version of PS3 and he has the new, slim version. After downloading the latest game patch and the coop campaign on both consoles, everything works fine on my console but not on his slim version. On his, the game loads extremely slowly and, ultimately, freezes up during all game modes. In single-player campaign mode, for example, his RDR on his PS3 slim freeze upon the console's attempt to load cut screens (i.e. first visit to Fort Mercer). As for multiplayer, he can't even load into the Free Roam mode (i.e. the load screen consistently freezes up when the screen saver carousel reaches the picture of Escalera w/ the horses running by). Rockstar should probably get its act together. For that matter, Sony needs to wise up too. In my experience, these new PS3 Slims have been nothin' but trouble!

  • bobo

    no problems with the update besides rockstar messing everything up… i was planning on going max legend but now im not even passing the first 1 (bcuz i went legend b4 patch) u r lucky 2 manage over 1K when pre-patch u could get 1.4K easy on twin rocks

  • chris

    bought mine new, it immediatley downloaded the patch, and has now been installing the game to the hdd for over an hour. its only at 57%

  • prince watford

    it has not even offered me an update on the damn thing and this shit is pissing me off i did not pay over $60 not to be able to play online if they dont fix this shit and soon i will never buy another rockstar product ever and neither will all of my friends so get the shit fixed.

  • kyle

    yea after the update the game will usually freeze on any loading screen or during gameplay things are missing and i am unable to see the pause menu and sound usually is gone

  • TPK

    wont let me download patch, it just freezes when i ok the download. And if i deny the download and start the game, the rockstar logobullets fires ok from the gun(without sound, though) Then it freezes. Frustration…..

  • Clive

    As far as I'm concerned I got the patch tonight and 10 minnutes later the game broke. I can't play it at all on the PS3.

  • jussi

    I have same promblem whit PS3! I downloaded 1.2 thing and now I cant play. Game stuck every time in same Pres start screen.

  • GT: SOF Chunk420

    Attempted to play today for the first time since the patch. Game will not go past either loading screen into single player or multiplayer. Thanks for the great patch rockstar! Now i get to use my $60 game to stare at the "Press Start" screen….

  • Tony

    My X-box now has 3 red lights. Great. I buy a game and it kills my machine. And guess what, nobody wants to know. May I suggest that you stay well clear of this game.

  • Kindhest

    I have the same problem. Quite annoying.

    Hope they will fix problem soon and release a new patch.

  • jamest

    has anybody else rang the number in the booklet??

  • Tony

    After agreeing to download the update when first inserting the disc (Becasue otherwise you can't play it) my XBox is now completely useless. Not just on this game but any game that I now try to play. Who is responsible? Microsoft or the Game Manufacturer? How can I get this fixed?

  • wyatt b.

    minor issues appeared with startup menu immediately after update. no ability to play single player tour at all, and issues with wrong button play. even after several re-starts. then. nothing.. worked quite fine after. (still initial play.) similiar issues?

  • jorge

    It freezes and sometimes it doesn’t even start is there any patch for this?

    • Zomg…

      Wow….its the patch that caused it dumbo…

      • bob marley


  • matt

    It was a good game, until they had to ruin it with that patch. I went and traded my copy in for a better game.

  • k9dr

    Was having multiple freezing issues about every 15 to 20 minutes, now the game freezes withing 5 minutes. Have tried removing game data, but no improvement noted. As of now the game is completely non-playable for me.

    • kyle


  • cheeseandbread52

    mine wont even download

    • manuel

      same problem here.. found any solution?

  • Dusty banana

    This game is completely useless!! I bought a copy wich kept freezing the screen but letting the audio play on at the first scene!! Then the multiplayer was the same story, just kept freezing. I then bought another copy from
    another store and the same thing happened again. U know Rockstar shud make sure the game works before releasing it. Is that too much to ask for £40!! U think im pissed off? Hell yeah am pissed off!!

  • Chris D

    An update on my earlier post, If I install without the dreaded 1.02 update and then keep my PS3 interenet conection disabled I can play single player, not helpful for those wanting multiplayer. Still wondering if they even tested the patche before releasing.

  • The Rizzler

    After clearing my cache and getting the update again (Xbox 360) it still causes the game to stop loading (the loading icon still spins but i never enter multiplayer/singleplayer and the loading screen never changes.) Going offline and clearing the cache, playing the game without the update allows it to run perfectly. I've had my fun in singleplayer, the annoying thing is that my friends can play multiplayer while i can't
    oddly enough, they are starting to experience the same problems
    guess it's just a matter of time…

    • Bill Mitchell

      I have been having the same problem with tring to play with my friends.One player can start the game but i can't join.Yet the third player can join. Is the problem in our modems or is this a game problem?

  • davemacsp320i

    deleting the patch and redownloading has made no change i still cant get an online game get it to gether rockstar this is not on 39.99 for a game i cant play on line …… ??????????////

  • davemacsp320i

    cant get online as off today im on but the only one in any room and cant join my m8 very pd of geting with RDR the games good but the bugs are killing it

  • DreamMachine

    I just patched and tried to continue my single player game only to find that i can no longer enter blackwater as it freezes, the buildings do not render properly and i tend to fly off into the sky on the back of my horse as i aproach the town, right off the edge of the game world.

  • Chris D

    I bought this 3 days ago and have yet been unable to play it. It loads up fine, but once I start riding off to the fort it either freezes up or the scenery rendering drops off and I start disappearing into the ground and the only way to get out of it is to restart the PS3. Seriously disappointed as this is so highly rated

  • A.J. K

    After the update I am unable to connect to my multiplayer with friends and it says check connection or unable to connect or error messages. This is the same for all of us getting the same messages. Im getting pd off with this new game and cant play it to its extent.

  • Greg K

    Multiple freezes on start or during cutscenes. Xbox 360

    • Jake

      got the exact same problem on PS3 – annoying!!!

  • ryan waring

    On xbox, when I press start during the game, the screen turns red like normal, but there is no menu text. If I press the button to open the map, there is no map either. I seem to be missing a layer of display. Also the game has locked up twice and one time I 'fell' inside of a mountain and couldn't move. After 10 minutes of experimenting, I gave up and shut it off. Id trade this mess for an invisible donkey any day.

    • jamest

      yes i have had this on the ps3,i lent the game to a friend and it wont work on his either so i am thinking that it might be a problem with the discs,i had heard on you tube that they had a load of dodgy discs….

  • Red

    i played for a few hours with out a problem, now the ps3 wont draw all of the scenery and characters correctly.

  • James T

    i have been having freezing issues,before i could play the game for maybe an hour or two before it froze but now it's a matter of minutes,the whole thing just freezes and i have to completly power down the playstation to get out of it,very annoying,i rang Rockstar and they were completly useless just said they would email me back if they had any news…….

    • Stian H

      Same issue. Before the patch it frooze after 30 min or so. Now the game wont even start..

  • Zen-C

    On my XBox I've got Seriously bad display, everything is fuzzy and outlined. Makes the game unplayable 🙁

  • Stephen Weaver

    Im having a problem with multiplayer, i can get the game to start up and even go to multiplayer, but i am the only person in each free roam i visit. I tried to delete the game data, and download the patch 1.02 again, but the same problem persists. I know it isnt my connection, as i can play any other game just fine, and my friends are having no problems, whats so ever, from what ive heard.

    • Stephen Weaver

      Nevermind actually, i just fixed the problem,If anyone runs across this problem i fixed it by deleting my game data (not saved data of rdr) and then i turned my ps3 off for about 5 seconds. I turned my ps3 back on and let the game download the patch again and it was up and working again :)…was weird how I did the same thing earlier and it didnt work.

  • Le Sigh

    Heck, it won't even let me download the patch. It keeps giving me an error message (80710723) anywhere from 6% – 25% through the download. And it won't let me play the game without the update.

    • andyman1357

      EXACTLY what i$ running into. I don’t play Multiplayer yet, so maybe I’ll hang on for 1.03?

      • Alex King

        Thats exactly what mine is doing too. i cant get mo van barr cuz the update wont download

  • thunder

    it says that the game doesn't support the current video output setting. what do i do??

  • Capel

    Same thing here, played for about 20 min then it just froze up. I can now get to picking Single Player then it just sits on loading screen forever… WEAK. Also caused my PS3 to freeze and go to a blue screen. Rockstar needs to fix this ASAP.

    • Broc

      Same problem here, game starts but hangs after a few mins.

  • Alex

    Was having freezing problems, installed new update. Played game for roughly 15 minutes and then it wouldnt do anything. Just drifted up and around where I was. Quit game and system wouldn't turn off properly. Turned back on again and now red dead redemption won't even show the red dead logo. It says that there is an error. Very dissapointing as the game is so good!

  • nate hill

    i dont like how on the update whenever i do a gang hide out now i barely get 1000 on some i only get 500xp.

  • Jeremy

    No problems yet with the update (PS3 version) but, then again, the game had some issues for this console already. Low resolution(scenery problems), characters and figures popping up randomly, and stalls when picking up items out of chests. Awesome game…just wish it was at XBOX 360 quality. IGN shows a good comparison between the two manufacturers.

  • L.E. Kristiansen

    Same problem here. The game downloads and installs the update. Then on reboot, it shows the Red Dead logo and the disc sounds like it just keeps spinning on the same place.