Red Dead Redemption: Download Title Update v1.02 for Xbox 360, PS3

By Alan Ng - Jun 13, 2010

We have some great news for those of you with a copy of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption, as we can confirm that a new title update for the game is now available for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Title Update v1.02 will address quite a few issues that are present in the game, and will be activated the next time you sign into the Playstation Network or Xbox LIVE.

You’ll be pleased to hear that NAT incompatibility issues have been fixed, while connectivity problems for users with slower connections has also been improved too. Various game crashes have been fixed up, and the Social Club 100% Tracker will now update stats properly.

Rockstar has detailed the full list of changes over at their website – view them in detail here. As a bonus, Rockstar also state that the title update has support for a brand new playlist called Hardcore Free Roam – which makes use of expert aim only.

Good news all round then. Check out the full details through the link and let us know your thoughts on them. Let us know if you spot any problems after updating.

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  • Patrick

    Disc was messed up, so I decided to spend the 39.99 to download it for the xbox 360. Boy was that a mistake. Can't do some of the missions, nor can I use the stagecoach anymore. I figured an e-mail to microsoft would be the answer. Wrong again. I got an auto-generated email saying basically that they were to busy to respond.

  • james

    any1 help all of a sudden red dead controls dont work ie u cant call horse , u cant put your gun away ,

  • El Greco

    come on rockstar you can do better than this. It's been more than a month fix this.

  • dave

    this sucks, i just want to play rdr online. the single player was great, but x-box live sucks balls. nothing loads up. i tried to play all night, but its just a load screen that doesnt disappear unless i go back to the dashboard. you would think they had the game all put together before putting it on store shelves. rock star is usually on top of their game, but this just cost me and many other gamers 60 bucks for broken merchandice. boo!

  • George

    Talked to Rockstar on the phone today. Patch supposed to come out by end of week. They said patch 1.02 caused alot of problems connecting to other players in online multiplayer modes.

  • rdr-mdk

    you think you got problems with yours, since day one my horse just decides to fly away and i fall through the earth only to be frozen in the empty void below the graphics, and the only thing the update has done is now is that the characters in the game have no faces.

  • matt

    I have the same problem as Rijkos. After installing the update, I get the to Rockstar bullets to fire and then all I get is a black screen. Thankfully I finished the game. I guess I will trade it in for a game that works.

  • Tim

    Since I installed this patch I can get no more than 20 minutes into ANY game before the entire PS3 system freezes. Thanks a lot Rockstar.

    • Jake

      I have the same problem.

  • Snoot Swaggin

    such a good game RUINED because of all the problems.. FIX THE FREAKIN GAME…ikeep getting kicked out because of connection issues..this is no "update".. its the SAME as before..and it sucks..shame on rockstar. i feel like i have wasted 60 dollars at this point

    • escapethelies

      it must be the ps3 network or your connections because there are no problems on xbox live. if you feel like you wasted 60 bucks on this game then you are just dumb. this is the best game to come out in over a year!

  • Make a good patch!

    I still get kicked out games due to connection isuue's with other players >:(

  • Rijkos

    WTF!!!!! Since I installed the bmoody update Red Dead redemption does not start anmore on my PS3. I can see the 2 RockStar Bullets being fired but after nothing, normally I should have seen the landscape with the text "press start to begin" but I am unable to arrive at that point. GREAT thank you ROCKSTAR for ruining a sunday morning.

    PS I had no problems before