Obama Quit Smoking: Can social media help you stop?

By Alan Ng - Jun 13, 2010

If you are in need of inspiration to help you quit smoking – this might just be what you are looking for. It has been reported that President Obama has managed to quit smoking, if the words of Philippine President-elect Benigno Aquino are to be believed.

As reported from UPI, Obama apparently told Aquino in a phone conversation that he had quit, or as Obama put it ‘kicked the habit’. Aquino, also a smoker, revealed that Obama also offered to help him quit, should he decide to do so in the future.

Is this an inspiration for you to quit smoking? There is no doubt that the powers of social media can help some people who are addicted. We have found a great community website called ‘Become An Ex’, which offers people support and guidance to those who are looking to quit – it is free and well worth a look.

Another interesting article we have found, tells the story of how one woman used Facebook to help her quit smoking – you can read it in full here.

What are your thoughts on the news about Obama quitting? Have you used social media tools to help you quit? Share your experiences with us below.

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  • I smoked for 9 years, tried EVERYTHING, and its this simple, go to barnes and noble, the Addiction recovery section, and pick up the book Allen Carr’s “Easyway to Quit Smoking” Its a small 150 page book that usually costs under 15 bucks. Read it! It doesn’t use any scare tactics, just logic. I read it, put the smokes down, and have NEVER looked back, and I honestly mean that. I’ve bought this book for 13 peple, and only 6 have actually read the full thing, and they ALL 6 HAVE QUIT!

  • Rich

    If he has quit why hasn't he made a big deal out of it? With all the negative press about his smoking they should go public. Going public may encourage even more people to quit and save taxpayers a bunch of money.
    I know when I quit over 5 years ago I was so proud of kicking my 35 year addiction I told everyone. Laser therapy did it for me. The laser therapy was quick, painless, drug free and the support they provided was amazing. I did it in Charliotte, NC
    The issue with the websites like Become an Ex is the person attempting to quit must follow through. No one is holding them accountable and making them do what the program tells them.
    Smokers are the best procrastinators in the world and we will find any excuse not to quit or set a quit date and then purposely forget it. Good luck to all who are trying to stop smoking, it can be done.

    • Erika

      Because he is a bigger person, and doesn't let the "bad press" dictate his life, as he has shown in how he ran his campaign. Way to go Mr. President!!!!!!!

  • Richard

    He can't quit because he's a god dam lying polition how do you think he got elected

  • Steve

    I have recently quit smoking (two months) and it was remarkably easy! I read "The Easy Way To Stop Smoking" by Alan Carr!! Wow, if I had known that it would be that easy to stop,I would have done it years ago. It really works! You smoke while you are reading the book (at the authors suggestion) and when you finish the book, you also set the cigarettes down for the last time. Sounds easy and it is! Good Luck to all of you potential non-smokers! STEVE

  • elaine

    That's great. my husband and i quit. It isn't easy but, it is worth it. We hopefully added a few years on our life!

  • Robert

    I wish he WOULDN'T continue to smoke is what I meant to type

  • Robert

    Wish he would continue to smoke

  • lisa

    Anyone who can or has or is going to quit, I am proud of, not just the president.
    Addiction is horrible. Congrats Obama, now lets get our troops back home and quit WAR.