New iPhone 4: UK prices to be announced Monday

By Gary Johnson - Jun 13, 2010

It has been almost a week since Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone, and pre-ordering is just a couple of days away. So far we know how much the handset will cost customers in the US, but in the UK all we know so far is the price plans for 02.

But a story by Roland Hutchinson on is reporting that a couple of the network providers will be releasing prices for the iPhone 4 on Monday 14 June. The website contacted all five of the operators who plan to offer the new iPhone with the other three not giving any information.

Its seems to have taken a long time to get any information on pricing plans, that leads to people to think the five operators could have been discussing what to charge. With 02 recently announcing that there will be no more unlimited data in their price plans, we will have to wait and see what the rest of the operators will do.

The hope is that with five different operators now offering the iPhone 4 competition on monthly plans and handset prices will be good. How much movement they have remains to be seen but will hopefully mean some good deals for us the customer.

Are you going to pre-order the iPhone 4 on the June 15? What operator do you plan to go with?

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  • tazzy

    I wish they'd release the prices already!!!

  • R4Z

    The Reason y uk prices are higher is because uk tax is higher shipping shipping costs and blah blah etc… for apple. therfore the prices as far as the trend is going will be similar to dollars…e.g. if iphone 4 costs $500 in US then itll be £500 in uk +- £10-15 ….thats the trend at the moment i dnt kno wat the actual prices will be.

  • Stuart

    Can u trade in the old ifone?? Or up grade??

    • elliot

      wish you could and hope you can 😀
      bye bye 3g.

      id happily pay 100-175 squids more for iphone 4 (and trade in)

    • Ian
      Very good prices for 3G trade-ins. Just make sure you request the trade in before the new device is released, because I wouldnt be suprised to see these drop.

  • Niall

    I spoke to Vodafone adn they are saying maybe about £500 for a sim free version, im hoping cheaper though ha!

  • Paul Revell

    Is there going to be a 64gb version??

    • jayy

      yes there is an 500GB version aswell 😉 Google it 😛

  • Jag

    in america it is $199 for the 16GB which is £180 in the UK, and the 32GB is $300 which is like $280, which is really cheap but the 16GB will be like £399 cause the UK is Tooo Expensive

    • elliot

      i know it's too expensive it sucks.

  • Uk iphone 4 Price will be 16gb – 189.00 and £299 for 32gb

    Approximate 😛

  • dude

    why are they so much cheaper in the US ?..

  • Jacq

    Apparently, well according to orange, so I heard, the prices stays the same as what they are now, for contract so I believe it might be the same for pre-pay!

    Will have to wait and see!

  • jegan

    i hope its on vodafone pay and go for around £500 for 32gb

  • eddie

    the prices released in the new 02 brochure are £399 for the 16GB and £499 fot the 32GB… so them ridiculous prices are wrong

    • Bob

      were did you get the brochure from?

    • Irsh

      How do you find that out, is that for the iPhone 4?

      3GS are still retailing for £450 for 16gb, so how is iPhone 4 cheaper?

    • Sam

      Where did you find this brochure?

  • steve

    Last year I got 3gs at launch the only way I could get a upgrade after a 12 month period was with O2 Business 24 month contract but half term upgrade.

    So I am lucky as upgrade will cost me nothing (the handset may be free too, as current 3gs is free on my contract)

    will pre order if possible through O2 only wished for 64gb now that HD video is on.

  • Guy


  • Colg

    The cost will be £699 for 32g and 599 for the 16g. these prices for pay as you go..

    • Sam

      Where did you find this out?

    • Shim

      How do you know those are the prices

    • niko

      Those are US pay and go prices

    • Scott

      Those are the prices in dollars retard. Its $699 for 32g and $599 for the 16g. That means it should be around £460 to £423 pay as you go.

      • John

        Apple's exchange rate is usually 1:1 🙁