iPhone 4.0 / iOS4 Release Date: Expected Download Problems

By Alan Ng - Jun 13, 2010

We are just days away from the official release of Apple’s new OS for the iPhone. It was renamed as ‘iOS 4’ and will be available to download for the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch on June 21st.

Will Apple be ready for the launch this time around though? We took a trip down memory lane and reminded ourselves of the huge problems that occured after the release of iPhone 3.0 last Summer.

Most of the problems were due to the iPhone Activation Servers which came under severe pressure when millions of iPhone users were all trying to upgrade to the new OS at the same time. Worse yet, users reported last year that upgrading to the new OS deleted some of their data on their handset, including contacts and text history.

Will users be greeted with the ‘temporary unavailable’ message again when trying to upgrade to iOS 4, or will Apple be better prepared this time around? Hopefully it is the latter. Let us know your thoughts on this. Do you think Apple’s activation servers will run smoothly this time or crumble under pressure?

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  • Dave

    dont upgrade to 4 right now – at least on a 3g – you will be sorry, it's slow on top of slow, and my google calenders won't sync properly now, it's just rife with bugs

  • Richard Eich

    I've been trying since the release to upgrade my recently purchased 3GS to iOS4 . Literally dozens of times, same result: Network timeout error after the download completes.

    Apple is a lot of good things, but an infrastructure company is not one of them. 🙁

  • Stuart M

    All my contacts have been wiped on my 16g 3GS despite backing phone up and restoring following 4.0 software upgrade.
    I double-checked that a backup had been done on my partner's identical phone before performing the software upgrade but it has done the same thing, despite being eaarlier told by Apple staff that if a back-up was performed then there would be no problem.
    I have tried calling support staff again to no avail and am absolutely furious that this has happened again, despite assurances that it would not.
    It is ridiculous that when download instructions are followed that this should happen, we deserve and explanation.

  • Robert A.

    Can't get the upgrade to work. Through iTunes it just hangs during the backup process. I read a blog post where you could just download the O/S and point the upgrade link to that. It too crashes just minutes into the upgrade. 🙁

  • Apple is simply dominating the technology market right now. Taking market share away from Microsoft as far as desktops and laptops go and they are killing Research in Motion with their new Iphones!

  • Anthony

    I upgraded to the os4.0 and now the iPhone is unsupported In the car using the USB now (2010 civic so). Is there something else that needs to be done or did they totally screw up me getting to listen to my iPod In the car??

  • Jenna

    Be careful, I upgraded mine last night to 4.0 and now have no 3G or EDGE service. Can only join Wi-Fi. Spent an hour on the phone with them this morning, and they said a lot of users are calling in to complain about the same thing.

    Only way to fix it? Restore to factory settings, and NOT backup.

    Don't make the stupid mistake like me and not backup before the software update. Backup your phone, THEN upgrade to 4.0 just incase you have this problem too. lame.

  • jay

    it sucks cant install on my iphone 3g very disappointing and annoyed

  • brad

    same Here just keep getting kicked out. As usual apple can't handle it.

  • Well it's now available on the iTunes. And installing it is just like the ones you do on the older iPhone OSs. Probably, jailbreaking it is harder now as announced on the iOS 4 convention before.

  • John Truman

    Well I'm onto my 4th try to upgrade to OS 4 and 90 minutes on but just keep getting kicked out. There has to be a better system than this!!

  • Jim C

    Apple could just use a company that farms out servers (rents them) to companies like Microsoft and Apple when they need temporary upgrades in server capabilities to handle spikes in product download and authentication traffic. Since Apple just passed Microsoft to become the most valuable technology producer on earth, I think they can certainly afford the extra service.

  • Spdun

    Guess it wasnt supposed to be midnight!

  • Scott

    I hope there won’t be another overload, but I’m upgrading at the stroke of midnight.

    • Sebbytron

      Too bad it will not be ready to update at midnight. Try around 9:00-10:00am PST.

  • Pete

    Hmm so are all those current iphone and ipod users unhappy with their product and its software? Is it working and done the job perfectly fine until now? Yes

    So why suddenly slate apple because of the fact they are releasing another update and due to their huge success their servers will undoubtably struggle.

    Some of us will have to wait a few extra days, i seriously dont see the problem. Im happy with my phone and am appreciative that for no charge im going to get an updated OS.

  • Andy

    Is the software release same time all over the world?how abt Asia?

  • Phil

    Apple just released a new itunes update – doing a 2 part update for the new update. The good thing is if you have an iPhone 3GS following the update the picture of the iphone shows the new rain drop home screen that they showed at the WWD release. So plan for a Monday am update and have fun….

  • akash

    i am actually angry because for the 8g ipod not every single feature that the iOS4 has to give is not going to be there

    • john

      you are getting an update for your older device, be happy with that much. apple does not have to give you anything.

  • drumstyx

    Actually, this happened even WORSE during the release of 2.0, which was released at the same time as the iPhone 3G (same day) which caused massive server outages, since not only were people updating, 3G users were getting their phones activated. 3.0 came out a couple days before the 3GS, this was a good move, but apparently not good enough. With the growing userbase, investing in new servers is not a bad idea. At the very least, it will be used to full capacity on the 21st, and then used to perhaps make the itunes store experience faster.

  • Paul

    What TIME is it supposed to be available. Midnight? 7:00am? Is there a specific time or just a general time it will start becoming available?

  • Rahhhh

    Yea I remember having to keep checking everyday and sometimes you only get halfway before the error message comes up

  • mike

    Verizon will blow just as bad when they get the Iphone. I welcome the day b/c all the folks leaving will clear bandwidth and the problems will disappear. I dont have many with ATT anyway. I am looking forward to competition for pricing of data packages..

    • Steve

      Not True!!! Verizon invests $1B into their network every year, AT&T JUST announced they are upgrading their network, $2B over 10 years, that is pathetic! AT&T is horrible and always will be! If it wasnt for the iPhone, they would not even be on the MAP at ALL!

  • Tim

    I agree with Carlos that the iPhone 4 debacle is not promising a smooth transition for the mass Exodus to iOS 4 on June 21st, but AT&T will not be an involved player in that game. Apple-heads and AT&T haters will claim it was the carrier’s fault and therefore the iOS 4 upgrade will be just fine but regardless we will see if Apple has battened down the hatches for this one.

  • Hobo

    every man and his dog in the world owns an iphone and has been waiting for ios4 features for 3 years.

    sh*t is going to hit the fan

  • Carlos

    based off todays demonstration from iphone 4 pre-ordering problems which was simple web transaction its safe to assume that a large update file is going to be an even bigger problem.

  • Macwizz

    Apple will not make a Verizon version. they use CDMA networks. so if Verizon wants to sell iPhones. they need to change there network. one reason iPhones work overseas, cause AT&T use the same standard network as the rest of the world.

    If you want to avoid the update blues. just buy a new iPhone 4, with it installed.

  • What about Bob

    I have upgraded to iOS4 and did not have any problems with it deleting any contacts or text history. It works very well and I have seen a significant speed increase on the 3Gs.

  • Jon

    I had no issues updating last year. I just wish I could update my carrier. I think AT&T blows! Im an apple nut at heart but since their has been no mention yet of an iphone for Verizon or any other carrier for that matter is just absurd. Im sure Verizon is kicking themselves now for not taking advantage of the iPhone before it was first released. I can only hope that Apple will change their minds. I will have no issue dropping AT&T and paying the cancellation fee in order to get a better carrier.

    • WrongWay

      That makes sense… dumb down a smart phone. Verizon CAN NOT do data and voice at the same time.

      • Grant

        Yes it can, CDMA+Wifi. With AT&T you can only do Voice and data if you have a 3G signal, EDGE doesn’t allow for this…

        So that leaves out a lot of people.

    • luis

      After Verizon completely dissed the Iphone by stating Steve Jobs was insane on his demands for the Iphone I really cant see Verizon getting the Iphone.Apple makes more money by having it exclusive to one carrier by recieving 30% revenue share by every iphone sold for the life of that contract.

    • Steve


  • P2Pratik

    I think this time round there will be more severe problems then last time. As iOS 4 is free this time for ipod touch as well and also the release of iTunes 9.2 will be the same time around the servers of Apple will surely go nuts.

    Lets hope we catch with it as soon as it releases.

  • Lon

    I didn't have any problems whatsoever last year.

  • Eddie

    I would hope that Apple have learned from the past. Then again, if you were Apple would you buy a bunch of extra servers that would only be used for 24 hours? Hopefully the PR is worth the cost of the servers.

  • I have an idea they should shutdown the att network before people upgrade to ios4 and then turn it back on

    • Tyler

      That's an awful idea. Cripple an entire network, just so some users can have a problem-free upgrade? What about those who don't upgrade? What about those who don't have iPhones? Do they deserve to lose network access until every user has upgraded?

      • jake

        if you dont have an iphone you dont deserve to use the networkat al.l period!

    • @MW9667

      I don't know why the cellular network would need to be shut down. The only way to upgrade the OS is with a high speed cable or DSL connection.

  • I am hoping that all goes well this time round, when the last update came out we spent days trying to upgrade our iPhones.

    Though I am sure, they have learnt from this and will be prepared! Only time will tell I guess!

    • jim

      my iphone got ucked… fuck apple