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HTC Incredible Update: New Verizon Stock Release Date

We have some good news for those of you looking to pick up a HTC Incredible handset, as Verizon has given us an updated release date for when the carrier will definitely have more stock in.

As reported from BGR, supply for the device has been hit with numerous shortages, as a result of a few vital components that are needed for the device.

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam recently said that the company needed to delay shipments to retail stores so that they could focus on online sales, but we can now confirm that the new shipping date is July 12th.

So unless you are willing to fork out for a handset from sites like Ebay, you should be able to get one in July. Check out Verizon’s website here for further updates.

Are you waiting in line for a Incredible?


  • prefict

    Orded mine 6/5 online from Verizon website. Haven't heard a word.

  • Waiting

    Orded mine 6/10 online from Verizon website. Haven't heard a word.

  • anonymous

    Verizon's web site shows a delivery date of 7/19.

  • Jenna

    I ordered mine on may 30, keep getting differnt delivery dates…nothing yet.

  • anonymous

    ordered mine on June 2nd. Still waiting…

  • guest

    Ordered mine 3 weeks ago from store. still waiting????

  • garyk

    yep, ordered mine last week in the store.


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