E3 2010: Watch Project Natal Event – Live Stream and Start Time

By Alan Ng - Jun 13, 2010

Are you ready for E3 2010 next week? Microsoft has a treat for Xbox 360 owners, as they are holding a special pre-E3 event tonight to officially unveil Project Natal to the world.

We have the start time for the event, as well as links to where you can watch the event live. As we told you back in May, no cameras or video will be allowed at Microsoft’s special event, but it shouldn’t really matter if you can watch the whole thing live.

The event has been billed officially as the “World Premiere ‘Project Natal’ for the Xbox 360 Experience”. It will take place tonight ( Sunday 13th June) at 7PM PT at the Galen Center.

According to VG247, the event will be shown live on both GTTV and Spike TV, you’ll find links to them below. We’ll let you know all the juicy details from the event as it happens live. What are your expectations from the event?

Watch live at Game Trailers TV

Watch live at Spike TV

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  • This appears to be completely false. Neither of those sites mention anything about a June 13th Natal broadcast.

  • Guy

    Retards, Don't post information if it's not going to happen!

  • nakortbr

    This appears to be completely false. Neither of those sites list anything about a June 13th Natal showing. @hysonmb of course also has a strong point.

  • This is from Major Nelson :__RT: @majornelson Here is how things are going down : Natal Premiere tonight. MTV __records it. Plays it back Tuesday. It is NOT available LIVE via stream etc.

  • MarkB

    Who is being allowed to attend the event in person at the Galen Center? Were tickets sold or distributed?

  • hamad al khalifa

    this is a press only no camera event the event will be shown on tuesday on mtv – xbox have an event on the 14th

  • mokkey

    over here in the uk it will be 3am and 7pm over there

  • Nothing says that MS will be showing Natal today for the public, I think the 13th is for the press only. Spike only shows a MS showing at 1:30pm EST on the 14th.

    This says 13th http://www.xbox.com/en-US/community/events/e3/def

    But Major Nelson and MS's main page says 14th on spike http://majornelson.com/archive/2010/06/11/where-t

  • I think that is on Tuesday not tonight. Can not find it listed any where for tonight. However, it does come up in search for 3:30 EDT Tuesday on my TiVo.