E3 2010 Sony and Microsoft Press Conference: Live Blogs

By Alan Ng - Jun 13, 2010

For those of you who are looking for a collection of live blogs for E3 2010, we have you covered. We have a list of some of the websites that will be reporting live from the event – ensuring you catch every announcement as it happens live.

As we noted in our E3 predictions thread, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are expected to unveil their biggest announcements during their press conferences. If you need a recap, think about Nintendo Wii HD, Sony PSP2, Move, Natal, a possible Xbox 360 Slim for starters.

Hopefully there will be some great surprises that haven’t been leaked already. Most of you who watched Sony’s keynote last year will remember that the company didn’t really have too much to show that we didn’t already know about! – less of that this year please.

As for the live blogs, you’ll be able to find them on every major gaming site. That includes IGN, 1up, VG247, Destructoid and more. Ripten has also confirmed that they will be live blogging all the keynote conferences too – visit their page here.

Which site are you going to visit for the live blog?

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