E3 2010 Predictions: Xbox 360 Slim Price, Project Natal, Wii HD and PSP2

There is not long to go until this year’s E3 event kicks off in Los Angeles, and we have some last minute predictions to share with you, courtesy of industry analyst Michael Pachter.

Pachter has been speaking in his latest episode of Pach-Attack on Game Trailers, and offered his thoughts on some of the biggest rumors and predictions for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Firstly, he thinks that Microsoft will introduce an Xbox 360 Slim console and will bundle it with their Project Natal motion sensing camera. He adds that it is likely to come in at the same $299 price point, and Microsoft can afford to bundle in Natal for free after cutting costs down this year.

Next up, some disappointing news for Nintendo fans, as Pachter has admitted that his previous predictions on a Nintendo Wii HD console were false – He doesnt think it will come sadly.

He thinks that the time is now right for Sony to unleash their next PSP console onto the market. After the disappointing launch of the PSP Go, he thinks the PSP2 will come equipped with a video camera built in. He adds that Sony will aim for the PSP2 to be a multi-purpose device, and that they will target the Apple iPod market.

What are your thoughts on his predictions? Anything you agree, disagree with? Maybe you have some predictions of your own to add – give us your thoughts!



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