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E3 2010: New PS3 Console or Sony PSP2? – Hardware Confirmed

We have some exciting news for PS3 owners now, as Sony has confirmed that new hardware will be revealed during their press conference at E3 2010, which starts this Tuesday.

If you head to their US Playstation website and more specifically, the E3 section of their site – Sony confirms that new hardware will be revealed next week.

Here is a portion of their quote: “The E3 2010 Expo is coming! Meet us here to find out what awesome PlayStation games and hardware are being revealed.”

If they are talking about Playstation Move, it is obviously a bad choice of wording by Sony and a pretty harsh way to get our hopes up.

But then again, it could be a hidden message that new hardware is really on the way. And by new hardware, we mean a new PS3 SKU or a new PSP2 – please let it be so Sony! We have already heard hints about a new PS3 here, but a new PSP is more of a long shot.

Do you think we will see new hardware at E3? What are your thoughts on Sony’s somewhat ‘cryptic’ message? All will be revealed at E3 on Tuesday I guess.




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