World Cup: England Vs USA Live Streaming – ITV App Problems

By Alan Ng - Jun 12, 2010

Are you planning to watch tonight’s game between England and USA via ITV online? You might want to find an alternative stream, since we are hearing numerous reports that ITV are having problems with their live streaming services.

An article we have found here over at the Guardian, confirms that users are being locked out of ITV’s ‘watch and chat’ service when trying to access their World Cup page on

Furthermore, users who downloaded ITV’s iPhone app, hoping to watch a live stream of the match on the go, might run into problems, after the first game between South Africa and Mexico suffered from buffering issues.

It is a headache for ITV and hardly perfect preparation for fans who have been waiting for the first England game for months. If you are unable to watch tonight’s game live on TV, you may want to start searching for an alternative stream.

Head to the Guardian for more details on this. You can find details on ITV’s iPhone app at the Apple store here. If you have any feedback for us, leave us a comment.

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  • GeorgioF

    i had a tricky time with the iPhone feed but the simulcasts on have been good as far as I can tell – for me and my friends