Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 in 3D: ESPN’s 3D network

By Alan Ng - Jun 12, 2010

We’re sure millions of you tuned in to see the opening game between South Africa and Mexico at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, but did you watch it in 3D?

The debut game was the first time ESPN’s new 3D network was brought into action, so for those of you who forked out the costs to watch it – what did you think of it?

We have found an interesting article for you to read now, in which Sean Gregory, a journalist over at TIME managed to sample ESPN’s new 3D technology, and he has given us his thoughts on the first game in 3D.

He thinks that while, particular moments were nice using the 3D glasses, he thinks ESPN didn’t take advantage of the technology on offer. Furthermore, he thinks that the majority of content was the same as you’d see in SD or HD – so paying for the extra costs for 3D, just isn’t worth it at the moment it seems.

Maybe you think differently? Have a read of his article in the link above, then let us know your thoughts on this. Have you tuned into a match in 3D other than ESPN’s?

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