Watch 2010 World Cup Live on iPhone: Slingplayer Mobile

There are a number of ways where you can watch the 2010 World Cup live, one such way is on your mobile with Slingplayer Mobile. To be able to do this you will need to download and install the SlingPlayer Mobile software, only then will you be able to take full control over your Slingplayer device.

Once installed you can then use your iPhone or other smartphone device to watch your live or recorded World Cup matches, this can be done on Wi-Fi or 3G – even 4G if you have the new HTC EVO 4G. Just think how much easier it is to take control of your TV with your mobile.

With Slingplayer Mobile it is like you have a virtual remote, allowing you to hit the pause, rewind or fast-forward on your recorded programs – you can even change the channels as well. It does not matter where you are, so if you are at work or even on holiday you can take full control of your TV.

This software is not just for the 2010 World Cup, this is the same with any TV show or sporting event – you will wonder what you ever did before the Internet or smartphone was made available to us.

For more details and to download the software visit Slingbox



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