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Verizon iPhone: Bloggers moving on, are you?

So Steve Jobs told us what we already knew at WWDC 2010, and that was the launch of a new iPhone, which Jobs announced as the iPhone 4. But what was not in his keynote was a Verizon version of Apple’s smartphone, and some bloggers have had enough and started to move on.

Rob Pegoraro has been answering your questions on The Washington Post, the first and most important question was if there was any chance of a Verizon iPhone – the simple answer was no. This is the answer that we did not want to hear – even though we reported that the WSJ said that they had conformation of a September release.

It does seem strange that Apple does not give U.S. customers what they want – especially when the iPhone is available on five network carriers in the UK. There could be a number of reasons why this is, one could be the fact that they do not want to work on a CDMA version, another could be that Apple is still unhappy that Verizon turned them down to be the exclusive iPhone carrier in the U.S. when the first model was launched in 2007.

Beatweek Magazine has a couple of suggestions for those who keep asking when there will be a Verizon iPhone, the first is to just buy the new iPhone 4 on June 24 on AT&T. The second suggestion is to just stop moaning and move on, but are you prepared too?



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