Verizon iPhone 4: New Motorola Droids will be Better?

By Alan Ng - Jun 12, 2010

After Apple’s keynote speech at WWDC 2010, many consumers were disappointed that Steve Jobs didn’t reveal that the upcoming iPhone 4 would also be coming to Verizon along with AT&T.

On hindsight though – do you really need it? Sure the iPhone 4 would be great on Big Red, but Verizon owners have a lot to look forward to – mainly the arrival of at least two new handsets this Summer.

We already know a lot about these handsets too. They are the Motorola Droid X – a Droid clone without a physical keyboard and the Motorola Droid 2 – the official successor to the Droid, packing a OMAP 3630 processor and Android 2.2 Froyo.

Furthermore, Motorola confirmed another two handsets are on the way soon, meaning that four Motorola handsets, presumably all packing Android OS will be available on Verizon before 2011.

Who needs the iPhone when you have handsets running the latest version of Android? Do you agree with me on this or not? Give us your thoughts.

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