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Verizon iPhone 4: New Motorola Droids will be Better?

After Apple’s keynote speech at WWDC 2010, many consumers were disappointed that Steve Jobs didn’t reveal that the upcoming iPhone 4 would also be coming to Verizon along with AT&T.

On hindsight though – do you really need it? Sure the iPhone 4 would be great on Big Red, but Verizon owners have a lot to look forward to – mainly the arrival of at least two new handsets this Summer.

We already know a lot about these handsets too. They are the Motorola Droid X – a Droid clone without a physical keyboard and the Motorola Droid 2 – the official successor to the Droid, packing a OMAP 3630 processor and Android 2.2 Froyo.

Furthermore, Motorola confirmed another two handsets are on the way soon, meaning that four Motorola handsets, presumably all packing Android OS will be available on Verizon before 2011.

Who needs the iPhone when you have handsets running the latest version of Android? Do you agree with me on this or not? Give us your thoughts.


  • If only I had a nickel for each time I came here.. Amazing article!

  • Michelle

    I know I'm being superficial here but I would have to say that I prefer the iPhone over Android gadgets simply because of the color availability in white and Apple's apps. If only other smartphones have their options in preferably another color than black, I would give them a second thought. On the applications part, Apple requires approval before they start being available to the market, whereas for Android, they don't do that.

  • use_whatever

    I'm confused by all these "Android is playing catch up" statements. Even with the announcement of the iphone 4 features, it's clear the iphone is playing catch up. All the new "revolutionary" iphone 4 features are already performed by Android phones.

    Who said Google hardware and software aren't integrated? The N1 is a google hardware and software.

    I won't get into the whole Apple vs XXX debate since people will call me an Apple hater or MS fanboy, etc. I switched my dad over to macbook pro and got him an ipod touch, but no thanks for me. Apple's products are too limited for me and just as unstable as its competitors. Yes, I said unstable. I can crash OSX as easily as Windows and Linux. Although, to me OSX has less excuse to crash since there's practically no variety in hardware, just like a videogame console.

    I remember having a discussion with a friend and his sister, two avid mac users and supporters. They agreed macs are just as unstable as windows pcs, but people are just too ignorant to admit the computers they spent 3x more on has the same problems.

    People just need to use what they like and is best for them and stop with all the bashing.

  • iPhone~Man

    iPhone is the best phone out hands down!!!!! Android is just too hype trying to catch with the iPhone which n return isnt making their operating system become any better. It seems as though andeoid is just following in APPLES footsteps !!!!!!! This is Apples world people!!!

  • Att4lif

    Everyone wants what they can not have lol! Sorry verizon peeps.

    Iphone ftw!! It does everything and then some. Whoot! Android?? Yep, it sucks!

  • Matt

    Am going to switch toATT now since Verizon hasn’t got iPhone and I’m tired of waiting. Verizon doesn’t drop calls, they just don’t connect them in the first place. They’re really no better: the worst cell company is the one you have.

  • crobi

    No, the iPhone is better and here in Canada the iPhone is available on every carrier. So it's not an issue for us.

    Android can'.t be integrated like the iPhone. One company develop the hardware and the software, this is the secret.

    • Brenda

      Wow…that makes me consider moving to Canada! I want a Verizon IPhone so bad! I've had the incredible, it is not incredible 🙁 I'm going to get the Droid 2 and a WiFi Ipad to carry in my car (travel a lot)…hotspot to my Ipad…Yes, I am desperate for Apple OS

  • iPhoneheadedtoGalaxyS

    No I do not agree. The iPhone has everything going for it and everyone else is playing catch up. I am happy that Moto can offer some competition for Apple, but until they – HTC, Moto, whoever else trying to create an “iPhone Killer” start making phone/devices that are just completely unique, they will always play second fiddle. Apple set out to change the game according to them. I think everyone else is trying to beat Apple according to Apple and that is not possible. It is as if these other companies are trying to make what they think Apple will release before Apple does it. Especially since Apple is putting up their walls and protecting their investment and expanding their reach at the same time. Apple’s game plan has been brilliant. They worked on iTunes.They offer a device for music, people buy it. They expanded iTunes with Video, released AppleTv update their device(s) for music and video, people by it. They keep organizing and re imagining older media and create cool new devices for us to use for it. We buy it. No one else has been smart enough to, apparently, use their catalog for creating a device for everything, except Apple. So now everyone is trying to do what Apple has already done and they are so far ahead they are trying to protect how they do their business. So the answer to your question is NO. I do believe these other device are cool, but the iPhone is the best due to their support system of media, organization, and simplicity of use.

  • Don Schellenberg

    I wouldn’t buy a crap sandwich from Steven Jobs if I was starving to death.

    • Julian

      Who would you buy a "crap sandwich" from? Sounds pretty gross from me, but you're an Apple hater and most likely not smart enough to get why you need them.

  • matt g

    I think everyone is over iphone on Verizon. No telling how many people were waiting to purchase/renew their contract until the big WWDC event. Now that people realize there will be no iphone on Verizon in the near future, I think they will start to purchase Verizons latest gadgets. Everyone has dealt with AT&Ts crappy coverage. I think people are finally starting to realize it doesnt pay to have the holy iphone if you cant use the d@#$ thing.


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