Social Media: UFC 115 Liddell vs. Franklin

UFC 115 will be on tonight and the main event will be between Liddell vs. Franklin, there are so many ways to keep up-to-date with all this news, but the fastest way has to be with social media sites- the best being Twitter. The information is updated much faster than any other media outlet, well apart from the TV or radio.

However, sites like Twitter is updated instantly and you will also get fan reactions in real time – something that radio and TV cannot do. Follow the fight tonight by following @ufc.

For fans that would rather a more in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes of UFC 115 and future events, then you should follow @danawhite. The man behind The Ultimate Fighting Championship tells you how it is and does not hold back on what he thinks.

There was an interesting article written the other day on Online Social Media, which discussed how UFC was made as big as it is though social media. The reason for this is how Dana White has reached out to the masses via the Internet – with Twitter being the biggest influence.


  • Chris

    Consumers want to share and discuss their information with ease and in general these people are nosey. They want to be able to read the threads of others, but not in a forum or bulletin board atmosphere since these are usually more complicated and often accompanied by malicious users. Make sure your site has all the proper tools and don't be taken in by companies which promise that in their "expert" opinion you don't need all the bells and whistles because your needs should be the consumers wants.

  • Chris

    I wish my software company understood this better and would stop dragging their heels to implement basic social media tools for our UFC fan site. There's a wealth of opportunity in both social media and mixed martial arts. The two together should produce juggernaut effects, but even "the experts" are slow to comprehend and even slower to act. With sites like Twitter and Facebook setting the bar, consumers have expectations of their social networking experiences and we need to provide not only content, but extensive sharing tools and means of communication. People communicate in different ways and a site needs to play to them all. Facebook has created a standard by which "The Wall" has become the focus of any social site. It's the basis for public communication within the genre.


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