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FBI iPad Investigation Begins: List of those affected

Last week Alan Ng reported that 114,000 Apple iPad users had their email addresses hacked –this has now got the attention of the Feds as an FBI Investigation begins. They will now assess the level of threat of this leak and how it happened.

It is just the 3G version of the iPad that was affected, but there were many high profile users that had information stolen, these include: Dow Jones, Condé Nast, NASA, NYT, Members of the U.S. Senate and House, Viacom, HBO, Time Warner and many more. The complete list can be seen on an MSNBC post written by PC World writer Brennon Slattery.

The FBI investigation came about because of a group of hackers who managed to find a flaw with the AT&T website – allowing them to make off with details of iPad owners. Thankfully the hole in the security has now been plugged, but not before the information of 144,000 users had been stolen.

The company who found the security hole was Goatse, they then gave them to Valleywag, a website owned by Gawker. This is ironic as this is the company, who owns Gizmodo, this would have opened up old wounds. For more information on this story, read the MSNBC article via the link above.



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