England Vs USA Result: Outrage as ITV HD Miss Opening Goal

By Alan Ng - Jun 12, 2010

If you thought ITV’s blunder during the FA Cup tie between Liverpool and Everton was pretty bad, wait until you hear this. The UK broadcaster cut to an advert during the opening few minutes of England’s game with USA at the World Cup, meaning that millions missed the first goal by Steven Gerrard.

As reported from Telegraph, the incident only happened on ITV’s HD channel, meaning that viewers watching the normal SD channel were unaffected. ITV has blamed the error on a technical glitch, the same apparent glitch which caused the problem during the FA Cup game.

It is thought that the broadcaster rely on automated times for their adverts, and an overrun during the build-up to the game caused the advert to come on during the match itself.

Obviously, it is a major error for the company – and a mistake which fans will never forget. Who knows what the repercussions will be for ITV.

Did you miss the goal on TV? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Max

    ITV don't deserve to be able to broadcast any world cup matches, their coverage is worse in every way to the BBC. This is just the icing on the cake.

    The fact that it was only the HD channel that messed up means that the people who cared most about the match and went to a pub, park or other event to watch it got screwed over.

  • rmuzz

    The only thing you can do is not watch ITV HD. Trouble is, the game (and the next England game i think) are only shown on ITV. Would i DARE watch the next game on ITV HD? I feel cheated. So it is a free channel, so what, i still had to pay for the HD box. I probably wouldn't have bothered if i suspected this would happen and as someone else said it is not the first time.

  • Stan Gordon

    May be it wasn't an accident, but planned, think of the amount of revenue they can claim from Hyundai!

  • Super Leeds

    ITV HD is a free channel, you don't have to pay for it

    still appauled at the b***s-up……..

  • essexmogg

    Problem is ITV obviously can't be trusted to do what they are there to do – broadcast! If they are going to miss vital moments in sporting history like this how can anyone have confidence it won't happen again. May be better to wait for the higlights on BBC, at least we know they won't be interupted at a vital moment. Absolute shambles and I should think their advertisers are all asking for discounts. What has it done to the car brand to be transmitted at that time – nobody wanted to see it and it will be remembered for interupting such an important moment…

  • Amrul

    Absolute Farce, we don't get to celebrate the moment of England's first goal at a major world championship. Instead I had to have a delayed celebration and it does not look too clever. Totally furious. We pay extra money for these sham HD services and the service itself is worst then when TV first came out!!!

  • steveo

    What do you expect. they ‘authomate’ things to try and save money, and increase their own profits. I am an England and Everton fan, so thats twice you have got me now.

    Total disgrace. You dont deserve to have any sporting rights, and I hope you lose them.

  • Cheated

    It wasn't only just missing the goal. Most of the transmission had reverted back to standard definition.

  • Bailar

    I suppose ITV HD could say it was Gerrard’s fault for scoring while they were showing the adverts, why couldn’t he wait? …well so much for ITV HD adverts claiming its like being there….NO! it’s like NOT being there!

  • Antony

    Teams coming out, huge excitement, crowd roar, national anthems play, volume goes up, huge anticipation . . and ITV cut to advert. Atmosphere ruined.

    Get back to game in time for kick-off (miraculous), three minutes in . . . and ITV cut to advert. England goal missed.

    Someone please make sure this absolutely useless damned station doesn't show any more national games. They are making a mockery of the world cup and our national sport.

  • slam

    what a joke! heads should roll….

  • missedagoal

    BBC should get games only – ITV stick to sh!t like X Factor


    what a joke – millions of people signed up for HD and they muck up at the worst possible moment — heads should roll for this major glinch – shame on you ITV HD

  • Chris

    Once every 4 years, a game that we’ve been building up to for what seems like an eternity, and looking forward to, and yet some jobsworths at a milti billion pound company go and screw something like this up.
    As an Everton fan watching the Everton FA Cup tie when it happened, and now the same with our National side, this is laughable (although I am not laughing)and someone should be held accountable….

  • Don dokken

    I feel cheated too! Never missed an England goal in worl cup finals, have now! Heads should roll!

  • Tim

    Feel cheated. The only bit of excitement in the game and I missed it. Who can we sue?

  • Jim

    4 years of waiting, all the build up, all the hype, such a disappointment to miss englands opening goal. Feel i was robbed of my moment of euphoria. All I'm left with is the memory of rob green's howler. Next time I see a hyundai I'll be thinking of this shambles from itv.

  • Robert

    Here I was, horrified at the prospect of a total South African cock-up and we would miss the entire World Cup due to inefficient 3rd world practices and lack of skills and knowledge.
    From them – brilliant coverage and passion
    From us – another bloody advert as Englands 1st and only goal goes in
    Agree with Helen, why pay extra for UK inefficiency

    • steve

      You sound like a Victorian, the empire is dead, get over the colonial views.

  • Mr D

    Absolutely pathetic, the amateurishness of the HD coverage was later mimicked by the averageness of the England goalkeeoer

  • Helen

    appalled at missing Englands 1st goal….ITV HD is now showing the match in normal SD….why am i paying HD subscriptions????