E3 2010: Sony EU Blog’s Two ‘Huge’ Announcements

We have some exciting news for PS3 owners now, as the EU Playstation Blog has revealed that they will be making two ‘huge’ announcements today at some point. What could they be though?

As reported from GamerZines, Sony informed users that they should keep an eye on the EU Blog for the announcements. Somehow we have a feeling that PS3 owners don’t want to miss this.

With E3 beginning next week, what are Sony teasing at we wonder? It could be a new game, but you would think that they would save that until their keynote at E3.

Other predictions include details on Sony’s upcoming PSN+ subscription service, but again I think that will be saved until E3.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Let us know your thoughts on Sony’s two announcements today.


  • Waldo

    Well, I know what one of the ‘secret accouncments’ is. It’s that chubby bloke from Valve who owns a dog called Brian. He’s going to waddle onto the stage and announce that Valve is developing purely for the PS3 and that PC & Xbox support has been dropped due to piracy.

    And to that end, he’ll announce there’s no HL2-EP3, but

    it’ll be Half Life 3 ‘Revenge of the Freeman’ and it’ll only appear on the PS3.

    Now where did I put my stash, time to light up again…


    x x




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