Call Of Duty: Black Ops – Zombies Update from Treyarch

By Alan Ng - Jun 12, 2010

For those of you hoping that a zombie mode returns in Call Of Duty: Black Ops, we have some details for you. It is not really good news or bad news – more like a ‘wait and see’ approach.

As reported from VG247, Treyarch’s studio head Mark Lamia was speaking in an interview with Develop, and was asked the direct question on whether zombies, arguably the most popular feature in WaW, would be making a return in the next title.

However, Lamia had this to say about it. “I cannot confirm or deny that we’re putting them in. “Do you want to see them in? Here’s what I can say; we’re really appreciative and we’re happy because adding them in before was a really risky thing to do.”

He went on to say how they listen to the community a lot, and that gamers would be promised a really fun co-op experience. But that was all he was willing to reveal.

Is that because he wants to save the juicy announcement until E3 next week? I would bet my house on it. Let us know your thoughts on his comments.

Let me ask you this instead: How would you feel if zombies were NOT in the game?

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  • Andreabenorte

    come si fa a giochare a 3 giochatori a zombie ma no ai mni giochi

  • which zombie maps r in mw3?

  • which zombie maps r in mw3?

  • Matt

    Treyarc should make a whole new game dedicated to zombies and use the radios and Easter eggs in WAW and in black ops to build the campaing

  • colinweigand123

    anyways i think some zombies would be good,also if u did take out zombies i would buy
    the game anyway just because of multiplayer but zombies are awesome and i have the game in SEPTEMBEr so ha and there is zombies hope this does not get -324 like that guy

    • colinweigand123

      i think admin shood not have to check

  • Uncle_Jessie1

    must have zombies and do the jr. preschool gamers a favor by not putting it on wii, make them get a real video game system

  • mr dude

    your all retarded, “oh im not gonna buy cod black ops if it doesnt have zombies” you bought mw2 and it didnt have zombies whats the difference? o and black ops does have zombies so that will make all your little kid hearts happy

  • Jason

    you know they are gonna put zombies in they just dont want to tell you and spoil it

  • CLAY

    screw that i wont buy it if nazi zombies isnt on it that made the game that much more fun for the co-op part of the game. (PUT NAZI ZOMBIES ON BLACK OPS OR MANY GAMERS ARE GONNA BE DISPLEASED AND MY NOT BUY THE GAME.)

  • troy

    zombies ROCK there asome but black ops will still rock with out them i say bravo treyarch this is a new fresh game ill buy 50 copies

  • RLK

    make it 4 player off line if you put them in that is the one thing that sucked in waw zombies you could play only 2 player off line

  • Well, I wouldn't mind if it didn't have zombies but I would love it if it did. Mostly because it was a hit with World at War I would guess that it would have zombies. However, if it doesn't I would still buy it. But I have a good feeling that it will. The puzzle is coming to an end and it sounds like it will have zombies.

  • eric

    and even if you did return it they still got your 60-80 dollars

  • eric

    everybody here would buy the game 1 cause there are no games out there that are as good as call of duty 2 they are tired of playing modern warfare2 3 all thier friends will have it . i would like if they made it its own game not on call of duty 4 cause treyarch takes care of thier game and doesnt throw it out there and forget about it when something was wrong with waw it was fixed within a week and now the whole office is focusing on it i wouldnt doubt if this gets game of the year and also i would like to know if there is going to be a blackops 360 system



  • cian

    hmmmm…… if zombies werent in the game treyarch would be a load of retards because thats wat everyone is waiting for. not co op not multiplayer there waiting fo zombies wouldt everyone be suprised if they were in it i mean cumon like. there has to be zombies. they wouldnt put nazi zombies everyone know but they could put vietnamese zombies

  • Alex

    Zombies is confirmed! you get the Cod 5 (WaW) Maps with pre-order of the two special editions ^^ can't F***ing wait 😀

  • Brad

    all my friends only want this game for zombies… i would still buy it (explosive crossbow lol) but i honestly dont like online multiplayer too many people mod and hack and single shot you with an automatic colt, nazi zombies is the only reason i would play online for black ops, (i might play multiplayer for explosive crossbow) but if treyarch decides that zombies wont be in it then good-bye awards, hello epic failness

  • michael

    the only reason i bought the map packs was for zombies i could care less about the multiplayer maps

  • Kyle

    If we don get zombies I’m gonna shit my balls off

  • Big Bob :D

    …Treyarch please don't screw up like infinity ward.. make a GOOD co-op mode please.. spec-ops was terrible. MAKE BLACK OPS GOD OF ALL COD'S.

  • kjhn

    Needs zombies, there should be zombies with trucks etc because when the lvls get higher you have nothin to spend cash on. So the cost to buy a car/ truck should be like 50000 points so you can run down all da zombies! Also i think that multiplayer preview with the explosive crosbow looks awesome – its like ohh i missed, BOOM ok no i didn't. Looks awesome but needs zombies

  • Ac!d153rd


    NVC zombies?! in teh jungle? that'd be AWSOME. tear 'em up with the M60 😀

  • bloody _617

    add me at your PS3 system name bloody_619

  • Bryan

    If I here an announcement that there is no zombies I will go to Gamestop and ask for them to remove my pre-order for that game and give me my money back.

  • frank

    theres no chance im buying black ops if there isnt zombies on it.

  • cmmisfitsfan

    i would still get the game but i would be disapointed if there was no zombie mode

  • Ritchy

    for all i know , Treyarch will mk a lot of money if they added a zombies mode in the game because no matter how much the map packs will cost, people will buy it because of the zombies.the only thing everybody will looking 4 this fall in call of duty black ops.

  • cray – Z

    You guys are taking zombies to seriously. of course we would all enjoy the game more with zombies in it but i heard that there are no noobtube attachments in the game.if there are no zombies i would still buy it because of the campaign and multiplayer. i would want to be playing with my friends and random strangers that could be possible rapists because of the fun.1 mode doesnt make a game, the process and epicness of the game is what matters. and having fun.

  • jay

    will not buy without zombies. period.(44 yr old father of 2 gamers who wont play either) if zombie mode will pre order 3 copies. remember, the family that zombies toghether stays together. der reise 53 legit doubles/ sin no numa 118 solo legit/ docjay66

  • lilmeyer1389

    hey everyone….shut the fuck up, ya i guess if there was no zombie mode it would suck but you dont no wat the live part is and the single player is. none of you know wat the games like but lucky for me my uncle is a game tester.

  • bloody _617

    yeah same here but if really put nazi zombies then the whole eath will go nut about the new game even you cod5 nazi zombies maps packs

  • Ben

    anyone wanna game on zombies with me? if so, my name is "Ninjateddy1" im on PS3:)

  • Wee man

    For those of you that think the multiplayer will be boring then look at the black ops analysis made by brassmonkeigh and look at the killstreaks you get


    killstreak 3 is awesome!

  • Dylan

    if there wasnt nazi zombies in this game or some kind of zombies mode i will be dissapointed but i would definatley still buy it because on youtube they released a multiplayer teaser and it looks amazing and so does the maps, look it up on youtube and tell me what you think of the multiplayer

  • alex

    I would be upset without a zombie mode

  • kidskate

    Halo Reach all dayyy Baby 🙂

  • Nathaniel

    The game NEEDS zombies it just does

  • daved

    if zombies werent in here no one will play all we will play is mw2 or cod5

  • Quin

    for me, zombies made waw, and without in black ops, i doubt ill even purchase the game, because then its because mw3.

  • boundsy

    treyarch would only hav to look at this website and decide to put zombies in the game. they are totally aware that without zombies they are going to lose a good 600000-700000 players. so i think its gonna happen 🙂

  • ronnie georgian

    zombies needs to have big competitons like madden nation to find the best zombie killers out there different team formats no glitches ZOMBIES! bring it on!

  • 123icu

    dont sound like theyll have zombies just somethin like it :/ hope its not special ops there boooring:)



  • steven

    with out zombies it would most likely end up like mw2 everyone will like it for the first bit but then after that people will stop playing it because there will be all those noobs exploiting something in the game like noob tubes……..

  • Anthony

    There better be zombies that was the best thing on waw and any game

  • moleman_1

    treyarch really NEEDS to put zombiez or the game will just be BORING

  • Drok


  • Razzaman2008

    want to try black ops

    • Razzaman2008

      can't wait to play cod black ops mates

  • Razzaman2008

    black ops ican't wait to play

  • Ol' Man Jenkins

    zombies was the best aspect of ANY cod game so far, but the campaign looks pretty cool too

  • Alex

    zombies hav 2 be in it or else it will get boring like mw2…plus u can play it even if ur having internet problems(not that i hav cuz im super awesome)but still for ppl who dont kno u need it

  • z slayer

    Bottom line, no Zombie Trayarch loses money. I mean if there is no zombies what the hell.

  • reidfish

    No Zombies No purchase

  • the man

    THIS WILL BE THE GREATEST GAME EVER away from reach i already pre orderd black ops if there is no zombies its gonna go straight back to the store sorry treyarch if any one wants to play WaW Nazi zombies send me a message on XBOX ThE BEaR JeW314

  • charley

    There probably will not be a zombie mode but a mode similar as instead you may just fight off hordes of infantry and tank bregaids

  • Michael

    Don't these americans understand that WaW absolutely sucked apart from zombies, and that Black Ops will suck if they dont put Vietnambies (Zombie Mode. Thought by Josh) in the game it'll be exactly like Call of Duty: 'MODDED WARFAIL', and there'll be bugger all to do apart from Multiplayer

  • John

    if they dont put zombies in here then they are a bunch of buttpirate going to be face raped by all the gamers who love zombies

    can i get an AMEN