World Cup 2010 scores and results via ESPN app

By Peter Chubb - Jun 11, 2010

The 2010 World Cup is now well under way and will now be the time when football fans will want to get all the latest scores and results. There are a number of websites offering this information but if you have an iPhone then one of the easiest ways to access this information is with the ESPN app.

There are 32 countries competing for the chance to lift the World Cup, they have been split into groups with an aim to win that group to progress through the tournament. The ESPN iPhone and iPod Touch app is simple to use and much easier than searching through news outlets or sports websites to gain the current scores and results of all the matches as they happen.

The ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup app has a huge amount of features, these include: live scores, tournament schedule, video profiles of all 32 teams, national anthem streaming for each country, and much more.

This app will cost $7.99 – yes there are free ones available but none of them have the same amount of features and access to information as the ESPN app does.

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