Who Watch World Cup 2010 Online? PC World Study

By Gary Johnson - Jun 11, 2010

Now the FIFA 2010 World cup is under way, billions of football fans will be following the event across the world. The tournament can be watched in many different ways now days, with fans not just using a TV to watch.

Nicky Trup of PCR is reporting that a survey has found a third of British football fans will be watching matches online. The survey by PC World also found that one in ten of football fans will be doing so on a smartphone.

The survey asked 3,000 people their plans for the World Cup, with 23 percent said they intended to watch games via a desktop or laptop. Also almost half of the fans asked expected to miss fewer games than they did for the last World Cup in 2006. Times are changing with technology allowing fans more ways to enjoy the tournament besides the TV.

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