T-Mobile Samsung Behold II: Android 1.6 Firmware Update Release Date

By Jamie Pert - Jun 11, 2010

In terms of hardware there is not much you can criticize about the Samsung Behold II, however one thing which has been holding it back is it’s out of date Google Android 1.5 operating system.

We are glad to announce that an update will soon be launched by T-Mobile, this update should arrive on June 28th and will bring the Behold II to Google Android 1.6, this will bring Android Market improvements, an improved interface, updated and improved Voice Search and plenty of speed improvements.

Although Android 1.6 is almost 9 months old, Behold II owners should be happy to see it arrive, especially as we have previously been told that Android 2.x will not be compatible.

When the update does arrive we will post a brief article with download links, therefore be sure to check out the homepage on June 28th.

Source: IntoMobile

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  • Shelby Bainbridge

    Im having trouble trying to update my firmware for this phone. I would go to tmobile and ask and noone seems to know about this issue. Please email me on this problem, how do i upgrade to 1.6??