Scientists and Underwear: Measures your vital signs

By Peter Chubb - Jun 11, 2010

A scientist in the U.S. has developed a new kind of underwear; these are more high-tech than your standard pair, with the waistband housing a electronic biosensor. It is this device that will measure your vital signs, such as blood pressure and heart rate.

Joseph Wanghas who is a nanoengineering professor has been working closely with the U.S government as the underwear could find itself on the battlefield, as it would be a perfect device for monitoring injured military personal without having to keep moving them.

Joe Tacopino from New York Daily News said that the underwear would even be able to administer drugs for the wounded solider. However, these could soon be available to the public as well – ideal if you have a health condition that needs to be constantly monitored.

One more thing – if you have been out and fear that you might have accidently been given alcohol, then you do not have to fear being pulled over by police as the underwear can measure your blood alcohol level.

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