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New Verizon iPhone 4 and T-Mobile USA Hints

For those of you thinking that the Verizon iPhone 4 rumors are dead and buried, we have acquired some new information from an analyst, who believes that the Verizon iPhone will still happen, but predicts that T-Mobile will beat them to the race first.

As reported from BGR, Shaw Wu, an analyst with Kaufman Bros. thinks that an AWS 3G version of the new iPhone 4 for T-Mobile, is more likely to happen first, then say a release on Verizon.

Wu believes that Apple want to take Android head on by releasing their iPhone on a carrier which frequently supports Android, i.e T-Mobile. He also adds that T-Mobile offer similar cellular technology as AT&T, which could be another strong factor in T-Mobile’s favor.

As for Verizon Wireless, Wu believes it will happen – just not yet. What do you think about his comments? More through the link.


  • Jiggz25

    T mobile alraedy is the wold largest carrier that offers the iPhone. AT&T just has apple in a contract that only allows them to carry the iPhone in the U.S.  Apple is just like any other company in the bussniss of makeing profits and seeing gains it would only profit apple to make there product availble  on  tmobile  since they already do in other countries

    .Not only that but apple make most of it money of the apps not the phone most people will buy so many apps they practically spend as much or more than they paid for.The phone it’s  self its a win win for apple if they go to t mobile

    Plus they won’t have to spend more money developing a Iphone that would work for version

  • why do these blogs post news like its legit? it comes from an ANALYST. thats just as good as me saying "hey tmobile has gsm, so the logical step is for apple to drop the phone with tmobile!" wth unless it comes from steve jobs or from robert dotson (till feb) then its just a bunch of smoke up ppls asses to bring ppl to these sites!

  • strongfist

    To be honest this whole iPhone 4 hype has been blown out the water by apple. I mean its a good marketing strategy but theres no need to tell lies.

    Remember when Jobs said that the new glass casing actually makes it stronger? Thats not true.

    Check out and read the latest 3 articles. They all focus on the lies (or at least over hyped features. Dont you want to know the facts before you spend your hard earned money?

  • chaz

    Verizon would bring in way more sales


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