MW2 Resurgence Pack PS3 & PC: Release Date & Price Information

By Jamie Pert - Jun 11, 2010

It’s only a short time before Infinity Ward release the second Modern Warfare 2 map pack with the “Resurgence Pack,” which will end it’s Xbox 360 exclusivity, and finally come to the PS3 and PC early next month.

The long awaited “Resurgence Pack,” which has been readily available for purchase on Xbox Live since June 3, will become available on the PS3 via PSN on July 6 in North America, and on July 7 for the European players.

No price has yet to be confirmed, but if we go by the previous DLC, we ought to think that you will have to pay around $15 for the new DLC which includes five maps, two of which come straight from Call of Duty 4.

Robert Bowling has also indicated via his Twitter, that when the DLC is released on PC and PS3, you will be able to enjoy double XP.

Will you be downloading the Resurgence Pack for PS3 or PC when it sees a release in July?

Source: Joystiq

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  • anna

    can anyone tell me if the new maps will work on free for all and team death match?

  • Sunny

    It says july6 for USA and july 7 for Europe when is it world wide?


    might get them free thanx to psn+ 😛

  • they should be good add me on ps3 MOH4MM3D-T4YY4B

  • jhkh


  • hjfghfgn

    q p

  • chris

    add me on ps3 chris_salvatore as u see it there with underscore in middle

  • zosentel

    add me Zo3000 .

  • fff

    i've heard that that they aren't that great.. still gonna get them though

  • jameskingdom

    should be out for ps3 first so we get reviews…. no1 wants to review a cr@p xbox that brakes 360 times before you change to a ps3.

  • james.r

    not long before i be kicking arse on the new maps for ps3

  • vass

    its stupid how all us ps3 players have to wait for the new map pack , when ps3 is so much more popular then the xbox 360. Infinity ward is making a BIG mistake making us ps3 users wait.

    • Him

      Good one, moron. The PS3 is more popular than the Xbox 360? Right.

      • Dom

        Only people that own a crap Box are people that cant afford a PS3. As you can see, now that the PS3 has a lower price. Ps3 has almost caught up to xbox in sales.

  • Kris Colligan

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    • John Q Public


  • rj got a nuke

    easy nuke no boosting class use UMP45 and spar12 and semtex and stun and sleight hand pro and cold blooded pro and ninja pro. ur gunna killed da game

  • the resurgence pack for ps3 (MW2) is going to be released on the 15th of June 2010. this will include 5 new maps to expand your online warfare fo mw2.


    • yourmoms ass

      that date is for xbox 360 not ps3 it comes out 30 days after that so it will prob come out 4 ps3 and pc on july 18,2010

    • Matt

      It Comes out July 6

    • Jamie

      It's being released on the 7th 🙂

  • Skiff

    I don't care how good the maps were on cod 4 … y are ppl that already bought cod 4 paying extra for the maps again….I mean its great that they put the best maps from game of the year on the new version of it but its ridiculous to pay for them again and if we aren't paying for them it makes each of the new maps $5 a pop which is also ridiculous …. sad thing is that im probably still gunna buy it…lol

    • bob

      5 maps, 15$? = 3$ a pop……

      • Joe

        re-read it retard then fix your reply… He said the old (CoD4) maps should be free and that if that were the case we would be paying $5 per NEW map… and He was correct… But he’s still an Idiot because MW2 is AMAZING!

        • Martin

          If it was £50 a map id still buy it

    • Kyle

      So i take it you didn't buy the ONLY map pack for Call of Duty 4, that include Chinatown…..a Call of Duty 2 map……

    • Jamie

      This comment makes you look like a total dick… I'm sure you're not a TOTAL dick so you might wanna delete it before many more people read it 😉 lol

  • Matthew

    Will you be downloading the Resurgence Pack for PS3 or PC when it sees a release in July?

    No. But then with no dedicated servers I didn't bother buying this fail of a game.

    • lessuleigA

      LOL, you didn't buy it because you are dirt poor.

      • martymo89


      • randomandrew

        hes kinda true tho this game does fail and needs fixed, there releasing these map packs just to make more money out us fools thats wht they probs call us cause they dont give a shit

  • Swaggaboy_online

    can't wait, this is a must

  • the map pack should really be good specially with vacant . (favorite map from cod 4 )
    thanks keep up the good work 🙂